Pando Academic Integrity and Research Group brings visibility to the topics of academic integrity and academic research about K-12 and higher education.

In the broad sense, we work with research bodies, academic institutions, associations, coalitions, individual researchers, and companies in drawing attention to their research and data while giving a voice to their efforts.

We are most known for our work on the topics of academic integrity, cheating, plagiarism, the proliferation and operation of essay mills, contract cheating, and other forms of academic misconduct, including the efforts to combat the very real threats such misconduct poses to academia. One of our missions is to raise awareness about individual integrity, research into the effectiveness of deterrents, and cases of widespread cheating in both academic and professional settings. We know leading thinkers and associations around the globe who have also dedicated themselves to these efforts. 

We also have extensive experience working with academicians and researchers studying higher education administration; learning outcomes in both K-12 and higher ed; college recruitment, admissions, and retention; efforts to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion; and related topics in professional learning and workforce training.

Our work includes:

  1. Placing thought leadership, commentaries, and bylined articles
  2. Pitching media about research results
  3. Making academic language more consumable by the media and general public
  4. Assisting in development of conference presentations and proposal submissions
  5. Writing research compendiums and white papers
  6. Holding and promoting press conferences and media events
  7. Assisting with media interviews
  8. Developing and executing crisis communications plans