My son just started middle school. Last night I went to his school’s open house and traipsed around the same halls he walks. Some readers may recall that I was the public relations manager for PowerSchool in the years prior to its acquisition by Apple in 2001. I’ve always been proud that our school district, Folsom-Cordova USD turned to PowerSchool a few years ago. Well, while listening to Elliott’s new Pre-AP math teacher (and while admiring her fancy interactive white board), she loaded a page of products she uses in her class. All three were products I have represented at one time or another: PowerSchool, Holt and SpringBoard.

While I now feel a little older than I did at, say, 2:00 yesterday afternoon (perhaps well-seasoned is a better word), I am feeling proud. I’m proud to have been part of these successes. It is amazing to know I’ve been a positive factor in so many company histories. I have my favorite products, which are typically those that do spectacular things to help children learn. But above all else, in my 25 years of education and PR work, the people in this industry are what inspire me.

Right now, I am working with a long-time friend and colleague, Pam Nelson at SpringBoard. I get to rub elbows with Michael Glover who manages to find the most exciting products in the world. There’s Bill Tudor, a GIANT in this business who has hit 3 (or 4) home runs and has selflessly shared his knowledge and enthusiasm with probably a hundred companies.

There are my old colleagues at PowerSchool and my new friends at Schoology. There is the gem of a lady, Michele Pitman, at intelliVOLwho patiently waited for me for a whole year while I recovered from a viral infection and is now my friend and client. Gosh, there are so many people I can’t even name them all.

No, I’m not retiring. Heaven’s no. I’m not even 50 yet. I figure I’m half way into my career. I’m just being a little introspective at the moment, happy to be in a business where my efforts are directly related to my children’s education and the lives of millions more.