How to Detect and Deter Contract Cheating

By Shelley Seale
04/06/2021 on Higher Ed Connects

…“Supporting academic integrity is a multi-layered process of setting expectations, providing tools to students so they can self check and correct, and then helping faculty to identify potential misconduct so that they can intervene,” said Valerie Schreiner, CPO, and CMO of Turnitin. “Turnitin Originality gives instructors and administrators the capability of identifying the full range of potential misconduct in one tool so that instances of plagiarism or inauthentic authorship are teachable […]

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Case Study: We’ve taken a shared approach to managing our campus app. Here’s why

04/01/2021 on Education Today

…In addition, we wanted our app to support distributed authorship. In other words, we wanted the ability to grant access and assign roles and permission to other departments easily, knowing that ITS couldn’t be the gatekeeper for all content. We don’t necessarily know what’s going on in the other departments; we need liaisons to help us. If we could empower other departments to push out information through the app, then we could be more […]

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Education’s Biggest Challenge: Tech Is Making Cheating Too Easy

By Scott McFarland
03/29/2021 Education IT Reporter

…Cheating has been a problem in academia since, I am sure, forever. But it’s undeniably worse now than it’s ever been. But we’re not powerless against it. We know there are steps and educational practices to protect the value of learning and keep students away from the easy, technology-enabled temptations and cheap rewards of cheating…Read full article here.

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How Cheating in College Hurts Students

By Josh Moody
03/31/2021 on US News and World Report

…Jarrod Morgan, founder and chief strategy officer of ProctorU, an online test proctoring service that observes students taking tests for colleges and other educational organizations, says the number of students engaging in academic dishonesty during the coronavirus pandemic is soaring. By some estimates, Morgan says, cheating on proctored college exams is up by as much as 700% for some subsets of students.

“I have to stress that we […]

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New NetSupport Classroom Management Platform: Keeps Students on Task, Whether in School or Remote

March 29, 2021 on eSchool News

…“Now teachers everywhere can rely on to manage their students’ technology and keep them on task either learning at home, at school, or in a hybrid model, or even when moving back and forth between the two,” said Al Kingsley, the CEO of NetSupport. “It is, we believe, the easiest, most flexible and most effective classroom management tool on the market anywhere,” he said…Read full article here.

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Students’ Needs Change Throughout the Year: A Campus App Should, Too

By Valerie Craig
03/30/2021 on Education IT Reporter

…Luckily, we’re using a low-code platform to build and host our mobile campus app — and so it’s a very simple process to change the app’s appearance. With Modo Campus, we can easily rotate which features are most visible to students at any point in the semester, without having to do any special coding or rebuild the app every time.

We can also easily highlight important or timely information to […]

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