Key Strategies for Technology Officers in Remote Financial Work Environments

By Matt Jones
02/15/2024 – TechBullion

As technology officers like Mr. Roark identify challenges in flexible work environments, they are actively implementing strategies to cultivate remote-ready IT teams. I’ve summarized these steps in the following best practices which will keep employees informed, supported and confident with their institution’s network and data systems….Read here about Matt Jones of NetSupport’s key strategies for technology officers in remote financial work environments.


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What We’ve Learned After the Launch of ChatGPT

By: Patti West-Smith
02/05/2024 – The Learning Counsel

After working in education for more than 20 years as a teacher and administrator in both secondary and higher education, I have seen a great deal of change, but this past year has truly felt like a watershed moment in education. Much of that change is happening right in front of us, but some of the biggest impacts may not be fully realized until the students who are now in […]

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AI and plagiarism: Why higher ed must now adjust

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5 Benefits to Expect from Clinical Rotation Management Software

By Aaron White
02/04/2024 – Electronic Health Reporter

Smart technology that manages workplace learning assignments like clinical rotations gives institutions many advantages; for example, InPlace Software handles every step of managing students’ clinical learning, from workplace matching and assigning students, to tracking and grading their performance, and collecting feedback from clinical supervisors. That’s a significant time saver.

There’s much more to gain, though. The software institutions use should do more than reduce paperwork and eliminate complicated manual scheduling methods for […]

Excellence in Equity Awards – Meet the 2023 Industry Winners

Jan/Feb 2024 – Equity & Access Pre-K12

We want to congratulate our clients ReadSpeaker (page 23) and Swing (page 56) on winning the 2023 Excellence in Equity Awards…. Read the issue here.

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My Journey From Professional Patient to Healthcare Professional

By Stephanie Isley
01/18/2024 – FE News

As a child and teenager, I spent so much time in hospitals and doctors’ offices that my family affectionately called me a “professional patient.” During all those visits, I learned that the attitude and empathy of the nurses and medical assistants who checked on me would make or break how I felt about my visit. Did I feel hopeful and optimistic? Or, did I feel discouraged?

Doctors made the critical decisions and diagnoses […]

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