OPINION: Equity in online learning is about much more than technology access

By Amy Smith
09/29/2020 on Hechinger Report

But equity in online learning is more than simply making sure students have decent technology and fast internet. Every student — not just the marginalized and disenfranchised — needs sound course design, sufficient student support and testing programs that make sense and protect integrity…Read full article here.

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Students used to carry laptops to classes. Now laptops carry classes to students.

By  Dr. Richard Pulido
09/28/2020 on Online Learning Consortium

As someone who has taught both online and in-person classes for over two decades and across different institutions, it is easy to explain, for example, that learning online (asynchronous) or remote (synchronous) is different, not necessarily less than. Done well, online and remote learning can not only measure up but offer some real and significant advantages to on-campus study….Read full article here.

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Career Exposure Closes the Equity of Access Gap in Remote Learning

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Want to stop student cheating? Then stop giving tacit permission

By: Jarret Dyer, Heidi Pettyjohn Steve Saladin
09/17/2020 on Times Higher Education

So how common is cheating in universities? Previous studies suggest that a majority of students have consciously broken the rules at one time or another, with self-reported cheating ranging between 50 per cent and 70 per cent. Nearly 40 per cent of students report having used the […]

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This Alabama company ensures reliability of online test-taking

By Tom Little
08/17/2020 on This is Alabama

…The widespread pivot of online learning prompted ProctorU to rapidly expand to meet demand needs. “In the middle of the COVID era, we had about 10 years of growth in five months,” says Morgan. “Prior to COVID, we had about 300 proctors. Now we have over 1,000.”…Read full article here.

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Turnitin Expands Academic Integrity Checks

By Rhea Kelly
08/06/2020 on Campus Technology

Turnitin has introduced an enhanced academic integrity solution with new features to help detect unoriginal coursework. Turnitin Originality combines traditional text similarity checking with technology designed to identify contract cheating….Read full article here.

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