Avoiding Post-COVID EdTech Failure

By Al Kingsley
07/27/2021 on Education IT Reporter 

Think back to all those brilliantly publicized great EdTech ideas of the past that have miserably failed. It’s quite possible you’ve lived through one, two, or more. I’ve been in the education and tech business for about 30 years, and have seen everything—from lavish laptop programs to superior software concepts launch with fanfare only to end up being scrapped. They were written about in our most popular magazines and showcased at […]

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EdTech Insights with Al Kingsley

07/26/2021 on Trending in Education

Al Kingsley is the CEO of NetSupport Limited, an EdTech Company. He’s also the Chair of Hampton Academes Trust in the UK. Al joins Mike Palmer on this episode to talk about his new book, My Secret EdTech Diary where he shares his experiences and provides tips to instructors, aspiring EdTech Professionals, and anyone curious about where the world of learning is heading….Listen to entire episode here.

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The Value of Risk in Edtech

07/23/2021 on Marketscale

The idea of trial and error (aka failure) used to be a tricky subject in education circles. Now during pandemic times, it has become part of the process whether we like it or not. Al Kingsley, CEO of Netsupport believes that some new aspects of this risk-taking culture should remain, in both industry and the classroom. In this episode of EdTech Today, Al discusses this and several other ideas imparted in his […]

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Academic misconduct has become more common and expensive, reputationally and financially

Dr. Ashley Norris
07/17/2021 on FE News 

As someone who spends every day working with, even obsessing over academic misconduct and seeing faculty and institutions pull their hair out trying to stop it, I realize that while more money might be helpful, it is not the only answer.

Here then, are five free – or pretty inexpensive – things institutions can do to reduce cheating.

None will be entirely effective on its own. None will be especially fast, either. But they […]

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Al Kingsley Book “My Secret #EdTech Diary” Releases Globally on July 14

07/01/2021 on eSchool News

Looking at educational technology through a wider lens is the subject of a new book by Al Kingsley, who has also founded education trusts, served on several school boards, and runs a global education technology company, NetSupportMy Secret #EdTech Diary gets readers to think about the past, present and future role of educational technology and how it influences and shapes our education system.

Education technology is nearly ubiquitous in schools but primarily […]

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Best of the Best Campus Apps Named by Modo in the 2021 Appademy Awards

07/01/2021 on My Tech Decisions

…David Osburn, assistant director for communications and mobile strategy at Vassar College which won for Best Health and Wellness app said that the college redesigned the app this year giving special attention to helping their communities manage through the health crisis. “We’re thrilled that Vassar Mobile has been recognized with the 2021 Health and Wellness Appademy Award! This year has been a challenge for everyone’s mental and physical health and wellness. We’re proud […]

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