How Does Remote Proctoring Actually Work?

07/10/2020 on Test and The Rest

The SAT and ACT have always been the ultimate paper-and-pencil exams, but that era is approaching its end. But how secure can the digital tests of the future be without proctors watching test takers in person? Amy and Mike invited ProctorU executive Ashley Norris to illuminate the reality of how remote proctoring actually works…Listen to the podcast here.

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5 Things That Covid-19 Will Make The New Normal In Higher Ed

By Derek Newton
06/26/20 on Forbes

…That is because many things will revert to business as it was. Students will return to campus as enrollments return to familiar patterns following demographics and economics. We won’t fret about social distancing in libraries and dinning halls. We will forget how many people predicted that Covid-19 would close countless colleges and universities for good. Other changes will linger, becoming new normals and we will let fade how and why they came […]

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Higher Ed Leaders on New Challenges and Opportunities

By Amelia Pang
06/25/2020 on Edtech Magazine

As colleges and universities prepare for the unprecedented challenge of reopening campuses amid an ongoing pandemic, a few decision-makers in higher education spoke to EdTech about how they are addressing the most pressing concerns for the upcoming school year…Read full article here.

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Valerie Schreiner of Turnitin: “My advice for anyone in technology is to be constantly learning”


My advice for anyone in technology is to be constantly learning, to not let anything limit what you learn. Everybody in tech has to have an attitude that everything they know is outdated in 12 months. And because that’s true, it’s far less about gender or any other demographic and more about your ability to see trends and integrate them wisely into your work…Read full article

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COVID Could Worsen Summer Melt: How Some Colleges Are Responding

06/15/2020 on Getting Smart

Findlay has built a mobile campus app using Modo, an app-building platform for higher education that doesn’t require any coding. The platform’s maker, Modo Labs, has released what it calls an “Admitted Student Engagement Starter Kit” that’s designed to help institutions meet their enrollment goals with virtual campus tours, remote student orientations, and easy options for asking and answering new students’ questions. The starter kit is accompanied by a how-to “playbook” with […]

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How the line between online and face-to-face instruction is blurring

By: Matt Zalaznick
06/05/2020 on University Business

…The pandemic experience will likely convince more colleges and universities to develop a “distributed campus” where students and faculty can connect no matter where they are in the world, said Matt Willmore, senior director at app developer Modo Labs and formerly the MobileND program manager at University of Notre Dame….Read full article

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