321: Advanced Analytics – with Chris Lucier, Director of Partner Relationships, Othot, Inc.

10/07/2021 on The EdUp Experience Podcast

What is advanced analytics? Listen in as Joe talks with Chris about the four components of advanced analytics & how this process can help enrollment managers better predict, & play a bigger role in creating their preferred outcomes.

As the Director of Partner Relations, Chris leverages his previous university experience to help higher education institutions understand their students better & prepare for the future. As the son of a career military officer & […]

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6 ways to make sure the rush to recovery doesn’t crush our creativity

By Ari Memar
10/07/2021 on District Administration

As educators emerge from the challenges of pandemic teaching and begin to establish new normals of flexible instruction, no small portion of our attention is drawn to learning loss, and the gaps that emerged during our rapid contingency actions.

There should be no debate that closing those gaps—filling learning loss with learning gain—will be our shared responsibility for some time. And it should be. Catching up is crucial.

At the same time, we cannot […]

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The Next Wave of Education Technology May Finally Be Here

By Derek Newton
10/07/2021 on Edtech Review

…We have not seen the top-end of that change yet. We don’t have completely connected classrooms in which every student gets a custom, tailored learning experience based on their learning preferences and interests. Almost everywhere, courses, and lessons within those courses, are still delivered in pre-cast blocks, in chunks of material generally designed to be the most accessible to the most students, occasionally supported by add-ons or mix-ins such as video, open […]

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3 Tips for Making Passion-Based Learning Work Successfully

By Dennis Pierce
10/06/2021 on THE Journal 

…When led effectively, passion-based learning can unleash students’ creativity and help them learn critical 21st century skills, while also assuming agency over their own learning. However, passion-based learning can be challenging to implement. To make it work, educators need the support of administration — and they need to be willing to take risks

To make the transition easier, here are three tips from educators who have seen great success from this approach in […]

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Melvin Hines of Upswing: “Take a look at the landscape”

Are you working on any exciting new projects now? How do you think that will help people?

Upswing raised our series A funding round in March, and we have used that funding to create even more support resources for non-traditional students. One project in particular that I am excited about is on-demand, live teletherapy for students. We have been working some time on getting the right price […]

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Masters of The Turnaround; With Melvin Hines of Upswing

10/01/2021 on Authority Magazine 

Tell us how you were able to overcome such adversity and achieve massive success? What did the next chapter look like?

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