02/03/2023 – Adam Mendler Blog

I recently went one on one with Al Kingsley, CEO of NetSupport.

Adam: Thanks again for taking the time to share your advice. First things first, though, I’m sure readers would love to learn more about you. How did you get here?

Al: It has been a long journey in many regards but a short one in others. My career started in finance working both with Barclays Bank and Unilever training as an accountant. As […]

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Goshen Health and MedCerts Partnership Creates Pipeline of Medical Assistants

By Kathy Gurchiek
02/01/2023 on SHRM

In 2021, Goshen teamed with MedCerts—a provider of career certification training in health-related careers—to offer medical assistant training. Medical assistants may administer medications, assist with minor procedures, record vital signs, take medical histories, prepare patients and rooms for exams, handle laboratory specimens and provide patient education….Read full article about Goshen Health and MedCerts partnership here.

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How ChatGPT will reshape the future of the high school essay

By Greg Toppo
01/31/2023 – Fast Company 

Eric Wang, a statistician and VP of AI at, the plagiarism-detection firm, noted that engineers there can already detect writing created by large-language “fill-in-the-next-word” processes, which is what most AI models use…Read the full article from Fast Company here.

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It took two decades to find a path out of a low-wage career. Why was it so difficult?

By Naomi Kateley
01/27/2023 – FE News 

Earlier this year my employer, Crosby Pharmacy, needed to hire more pharmacy technicians. It’s hard to find people to work in our rural North Dakota town. At the time my mom was my boss and she encouraged me to apply for the position. I wasn’t qualified but with my mom’s and other managers’ support, I raised my hand. To my surprise, the company agreed to help me enroll in and pay for […]

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Text-to-speech No Longer Just for Students with Disabilities

Guest Column by Amy Foxwell
01/13/2023 – EdTech Digest 

Students like to use text-to-speech technology whether they can read printed text or not. In a recent survey from the higher-education technology group EDUCAUSE, only 5 percent of college students said they had a disability for which they needed assistive technology. However, more than a quarter of students (26 percent) said they’d use text-to-speech tools by choice.

Text-to-speech software with the ability to translate text into multiple languages is also a powerful […]

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Turnitin is the go-to software to catch students cheating. Now it’s focused on a potential cat-and-mouse game with OpenAI’s new ChatGPT chatbot.

01/11/2023 – Business Insider

The AI chatbot, developed by OpenAI, can quickly generate human-sounding answers to homework prompts, like “write a 200-word essay about the American Revolution in the style of a high school student,” for example  – and it’s getting increasingly difficult to detect.

However, executives at anti-cheating software maker Turnitin say they’ve cracked the code.

The company, which works with thousands of universities and high schools to […]

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