In EdScoop: Scantron machines and old treadmills: How colleges handle unwanted tech

Scantron machines, despite being clunky and finicky, have demonstrated incredible staying power in education, and students taking multiple-choice tests today are still well-acquainted with the green bubble sheets of yore. But slowly, that is changing, said Jennifer Helbley, a chemistry professor at La Sierra…

Click here to read the rest of this article about outdated Scantron machines and new technology like Turnitin Gradescope be used to […]

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Why accessibility tools and apps can be a boon for all students

“We find students downloading audio files of reading materials to listen to on their phones, which is a real advantage for those with chaotic or disrupted non-classroom learning situations.” – Ginger Dewey of ReadSpeaker

Read the rest of this article on accessibility in District Administration magazine.

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Guest opinion: Cheating in school is an equity problem and we’re doing nothing to stop it

“I’ve said or written this statement countless times, but it bears repeating as often as possible. Protecting exam integrity is not only an issue of ensuring a proper measure of competency; it is a matter of equity and right now, we are failing to do anything about it.”  Ashley Norris, PhD, Meazure Learning

Read this entire commentary about equity and cheating in education on here.

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There Is a Way to Bridge Fast Training in Healthcare

“Making this happen requires a new way of thinking about skills-based training, which takes commitment. It means not simply training and moving on to the next student. Instead, our model is to work with major healthcare employers to pipeline students studying for medical certifications into jobs while still in training. It’s been so successful that some employers are paying for the training,”

Read the full article here.

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7 Tips to Create a Company-Branded Podcast That Actually Gets Listeners

10/4/22 – Built In

“Very few people can resist the invitation to step into the sound booth to lend their perspective, or talk about their business, even if it is simply a table and chairs in your exhibit booth. The more people you talk with, the more people there are listening and sharing their particular episode. You’ll also be providing valuable publicity to the trade show. ” […]

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3 keys to ensuring accessibility for all students

10/11/22 – eCampusNews

“For us, accessibility isn’t just bolted onto instruction; it’s part of the actual build process when we design new courses and programs.” … Read full article here.

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