What AI Really Does Not Do During An Online Test

By Ashley Norris
01/18/21 on eLearning Industry

…So, when people talk about using AI as part of test and exam proctoring, as part of the system that deters and detects cheating, people get spooked. That’s fair. But it’s also limiting, and misses the depth of what AI tools do—and better yet, do not do during the monitoring of remote tests….Read full article […]

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STEM’s post-COVID moment

By: Sabari Raja
01/19/2021 on SmartBrief

…While STEM jobs offer higher wages, COVID has also created awareness that STEM jobs have the flexibility and the resilience to transition and survive (and in some cases even thrive) during economic and health crises. I think there will be a surge among the younger generation to pursue healthcare, web development and computer support as viable career pathways. Many students will prefer jobs that allow for remote work. STEM will play an […]

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Proper Sourcing Isn’t Just Good Scholarship. It’s Also Essential For Our Democracy.

By: Amel Ben Abdesslem
01/12/2021 on Edtech Review

…Because Feedback Studio integrates with our learning management system (Canvas), it’s ideal for use in remote and hybrid learning scenarios during the coronavirus pandemic. Students upload their slides to Feedback Studio directly through the LMS, and they get an originality score that tells them where their work is too similar to existing sources. This indicates where students might need to cite the sources for their information if they have forgotten, […]

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How predictive analytics helps improve student enrollment and retention

By Dennis Pierce
12/17/2020 on eCampus News

Colleges and universities are under a lot of pressure to meet enrollment targets, retain existing students, and see them through to graduation — all while operating under strict budget constraints. Walking this tightrope isn’t easy, but increasingly sophisticated predictive analytics programs can help….Read full article here.

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Tech In The Pandemic? Litmus Test For Tech Tools Is Human Interaction

By Lynda Van Kuren
12/11/2020 on Edtech Review

…Certainly, much of the tech used in education has been of the time-saving sort, bringing greater efficiencies in diagnosing learning gaps or bringing more relevant content to learners in more prescriptive and personal ways. OSU has been using Gradescope by Turnitin to help them address the problem with grading consistency for a while, so what they’ve discovered now is […]

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5 Ways Test Proctors Help Students

By Ashley Norris
12/08/20 on eLearning Industry

…One reason that student sentiment moves in a positive direction after using proctors is that they learn that proctors can be very helpful during exams, even allowing many students to make educational progress in the first place. Because it’s not something most people think about, here are 5 ways remote proctors help students achieve their education and assessment goals…Read full article here.

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