Believing the Hope, Not the Hype, of AI

By Kevin Hogan
09/22/2023 – eSchool News

Turnitin has been working in AI since before it was cool—25 years this month. The company’s tools are built into popular learning management system (LMS) workflows across 16,000 institutions, in 140 countries, and used by over 40 million students at both the k-12 and higher ed level. In April 2023, Turnitin launched its AI writing detection tool, which as of July 2023 […]

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What COVID Taught Us About a Train-and-Hire Program To Recruit Frontline Workers

By Kyle Bachman
09/25/2023 – Electronic Health Reporter

The applied experience comes through an externship in clinical settings. Candidates participate in 120 hours of training with a senior certified MA or LPN Colleague, and then rotate to several medical practices.

The importance of this rotational strategy cannot be overstated. Trainees gain first-hand experience in Goshen facilities, not in a classroom or an outside healthcare facility. By the time students finish their 120-hour externship, they should have worked in several different […]

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One piece at a time: Turnitin develops interactive AI writing puzzle

09/21/2023 – Edtech Chronicle

However, by viewing AI writing in education through the lens of just one puzzle piece – identifying AI writing in students’ submissions – institutions and educators are missing the full picture. To help, Turnitin launched an interactive AI writing resource that highlights the many pieces that make up this broader, complex, and ever-evolving puzzle, including updating academic policy, improving AI literacy, adopting new grading mindsets and talking to students about ethical […]

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6 Suggestions IT Teams Should Ask Teachers When Evaluating Unapproved Technology

By Al Kingsley
09/21/2023 – THE Journal

Even with their plates full and their job demands high, school IT teams value teachers’ input and want to support their teachers’ wishes to use the ed tech tools most effective in their classrooms.

IT teams can more effectively and quickly respond to teachers’ requests for tech additions if those requests begin with a well defined process, such as a brief questionnaire for teachers wanting to implement new technology. Following are six suggestions […]

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AI forces how we define the lifespan of technology

By Al Kingsley
09/21/2023 – Tech Bullion

Organizations therefore need leaders who have vision, who aren’t afraid of uncertainty, who can recognize new potential and understand that the tech used in their organizations might have a much shorter lifespan than it ever did before. That means taking stock of what you have now and determining if it is providing full value, or should be updated or replaced.

Then, as the lifespan of technologies continues to shrink under upgrades and advances […]

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5 key strategies for teaching in the era of ChatGPT

By Patti West-Smith
09/08/2023 – eCampus News

Since the release of ChatGPT last year, there has been much productive discussion about the role of artificial intelligence (AI) writing assistants and other generative AI tools in education today and how they might impact education in the future.

The simple truth is, we still don’t know the full scope. What we do know is that these […]

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