Online proctoring: Trust, transparency, and fairness

By Dr. Amy Smith
06/01/2020 on eCampus News

While online learning isn’t new, a sudden and national shift to it is—here’s how to keep the student experience at the forefront of today’s reality. Read full article here.

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4 Ways to Make Training Better for Your Employees

By: Dave Saben
06/01/2020 on Training Magazine

Workforce and talent training are no longer optional. With a rapidly changing workforce, they are essential. The challenge facing us today, the new hill to climb, is making your training better. Sometimes it’s possible to forget that the employees, the talent team, is the investment. They are the reason you’re spending time and money on training. Yes, the company wins, but the employees should be the focus—so making it better for […]

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One Way Companies Can Promote Virtual Volunteerism

04/29/2020 TLNT

…The biggest impediment to volunteering is finding a connection and helping your workers manage their time. Nepris, a company that has already linked experts with 600 school districts, has created a platform that matches your workers’ background, experience, and skills to classrooms across the country…Read full article here.

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Colleges get creative in using technology to honor graduates

By Dennis Pierce on eCampus News

…Findlay has built a mobile campus app using Modo, an app-building platform for higher education that doesn’t require any coding. The platform’s maker, Modo Labs, has released what it calls a “Virtual Commencement Starter Kit” for its customers that helps institutions create graduation experiences that reflect the highly personal, once-in-a-lifetime nature of these events…Read full article here.

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Ed Tech Company Proposes Student Bill of Rights for Remote Learning

By Dian Schaffhauser
04/30/2020 on THE Journal

Now, ProctorU, an education technology company that specializes in online proctoring, has proposed a “student bill of rights.” The goal is to develop a level playing field for students as schools continue delivering classes online.

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Mikell Parsch: “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became CEO of New Horizons Computer Learning Centers”

By Carly Martinetti
04/29/2020 Authority Magazine

…As a part of my series about strong female leaders, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mikell Parsch, the CEO of New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, the […]

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