Linguists Say These Tips Help New Languages Stick

By Derek Newton
08/23/2023 – Edtech Review 

To language teachers, linguists’ careers and day-to-day work lives may be interesting. But their thoughts on teaching and learning a language may also be informative and enlightening as well.

What would a professional language expert say about language pedagogy? What advice or cautions would they offer to language teachers?

I had a chance to ask two linguists these very questions when I sat down with Vanessa Quasnik and […]

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Train-And-Hire Programs: More Relevant And Promising Than Ever Before

By Rafael Castaneda
09/13/2023 – Forbes Business Development Council

Healthcare workforce shortages have grown more critical since the Covid-19 pandemic, as are labor shortages in many other industries, including IT, manufacturing, transportation and education. Employee turnover in healthcare systems remains high, even as competition for workers who are already certified is driving sign-on bonuses to astronomical levels.

There are other models besides the traditional […]

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AI Can Teach Students a Powerful Lesson About the Truth

By Rachna Nath
09/07/2023 – Education Week 

After the release of ChatGPT last November, the education world was taken by a wave of uneasiness and doubt. I realized that many of my fellow educators are worried about the technology’s use in a classroom setting. But students’ use of this new generative artificial intelligence tool to plagiarize, to take shortcuts, and to not do the actual writing they need to do is only one of the many interpretations of […]

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Hiring: Elevating your recruitment process in today’s digital world

By Fast Company Executive Board
08/31/2023 – Fast Company


Using tech to streamline the hiring process can start before the recruiting process. It requires rethinking the kind of employees you want on your team. Rather than continually recruiting from the same pool of talent as everyone else, find new pools by recruiting for ability and then training for your company’s needs. This allows the use of new recruiting options like targeted outreach in social communities. –

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Edtech Is No Longer A Funding Fave

By Joanna Glasner
08/09/2023 – Crunch Base

As U.S. school districts grapple with teacher shortages, another startup, Swing Education is scaling up a platform to match substitute teachers with hard-to-fill positions. The San Mateo, California-based startup picked up $38 million in a June Series C….Read the rest of the funding in this article on Crunch Base here.

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Pathways to Becoming and Helping a Teacher: #143

08/09/2023 – Teacher Rockstar Podcast 

Mike Teng is the CEO and co-founder of Swing Education, a tech-enabled marketplace matching substitute teachers with schools in need. Before founding Swing, Mike was a software engineer in the private sector and then the tech director at a K-12 charter school network. In this episode, Mike discusses various pathways to becoming and helping a teacher…. Listen to the entire podcast episode here.

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