How to Turn a Check for Plagiarism Into a Teachable Moment

By: Amel Ben Abdesslem, PhD
08/14/2019 on Faculty Focus

…. I’ve found that Turnitin Feedback Studio for online submissions is a tremendous help. Rather than rely on my own instincts, I check the similarity score of submitted papers and investigate in more detail if the score is too high…Read full article here.

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Schools Fight Websites That Sell Homework Help

By Tawnell D. Hobbs
08/12/2019 on Wall Street Journal

As the school year starts off, colleges and high schools are increasing steps to spot and fight a persistent form of cheating in which students find someone online to do their homework…Read full article here.

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The high cost of project management immaturity

By Marilyn de Villiers
07/25/2019 on itWeb

….Those were some of the findings to emerge from a study of US-based , government and healthcare organisations that was undertaken this year by project management company TeamDynamix on behalf of The research and publication of the White Paper based on its findings was endorsed by the international Project Management Institute (PMI)….Read full article here.

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Award-winning EdTech Company SAM Labs Raises $8.9 Million for Global Expansion in Education

By: Stephen Soulunii
07/16/2019 on EdTech Review

SAM Labs offers innovative courses to teach STEAM and coding with confidence. Read full article here.

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The Power Of Making EdTech Products Work Together

By: Derek Newton
07/18/2019 on eLearningIndustry

…Then along comes SAM Labs. The company already makes successful coding and STEM education products for early grades, but was preparing a new product, one for grades four through eight— precisely the micro:bit audience [1]. Their goal is to help teachers deliver STEM-related lessons with confidence so, rather than wall off their new product, SAM Labs designed it specifically to work with products such as micro:bit, which teachers may already know…Read […]

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Edtech: SAM Labs raises $8.9m for int’l expansion

By Kerrie Kennedy
07/22/2019 on The Pie News

“This latest investment will allow us to bring our STEAM and coding experiences to even more schools and teachers and students in the US, which is our largest market, as well as across the globe,” said SAM Labs CEO and founder Joachim Horn…Read full article here.

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