ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech tools improve learner engagement and make content accessible to everyone

01/02/2023 – The Learning Counsel

ReadSpeaker’s advancements in voice technology and the options for using voice have opened a floodgate of new ways to engage with digital content…Click here to read all about this week’s Learning Counsel App of the Week, ReadSpeaker.

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Teachers are on alert for inevitable cheating after release of ChatGPT

By Laura Meckler and Pranshu Verma
 12/28/2022 – Washington Post

Turnitin, a company that has created widely used software to detect plagiarism, is now looking at how it might detect AI-generated material.

The automated essays differ from student-written work in many ways, company officials say. Students write with their own voice, which is […]

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The Future of the High School Essay: We Talk to 4 Teachers, 2 experts and 1 AI Chatbot

By Greg Toppo
12/19/2022 – The 74Million

Many educators are alarmed. One high school computer science teacher confessed last week, “I am having an existential crisis.” Many of those who have played with the tool over the past few weeks fear it could tempt millions of students to outsource their assignments and basically give up on learning to listen, think, read, or write.

Others, however, see potential in the new tool. Upon ChatGPT’s release, The 74 queried high school […]

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ChatGPT Wrote My AP English Essay—and I Passed

By Joanna Stern
12/21/2022 – The Wall Street Journal

If you haven’t yet tried ChatGPT, OpenAI’s new artificial-intelligence chatbot, it will blow your mind. Tell the bot to write you anything—an email apologizing to your boss, an article about the world’s richest hamster, a “Seinfeld” script set in 2022—and it spits out text you’d think was written by a human. Knowledge of the topic, proper punctuation, varied sentence structure, clear organization. It’s […]

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Turnitin Releases Free E-Books on Teaching Academic Integrity

12/07/2022 – Government Technology 

According to the announcement, the company’s products — including Gradescope, iThenticate, ExamSoft, ProctorExam and Ouriginal, among others — help educators and workforce certification and licensing programs flag plagiarism, and students use them to guide and check their work… Click here to read the full article on Turnitin’s free e-books an academic integrity in GovTech.

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Can Anti-Plagiarism Tools Detect When AI Chatbots Write Student Essays?

By Daniel Mollenkamp
12/21/2022 – EdSurge

But Alex’s story shows that a little human input can correct such issues, which raises the question many professors are wondering: Can plagiarism-detection tools catch these AI creations?

It turns out that the makers of TurnItIn, one of the most widely used plagiarism detection tools, aren’t breaking a sweat. “We’re very confident that—for the current generation of AI writing generation systems—detection is possible,” says Eric Wang, vice president […]

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