Proctoring Online Exams or Tests Is Essential

By Scott McFarland
03/23/2021 on eLearning Inside

Proctoring online exams or tests is essential. By that I do not mean it is important or simply a good idea. I mean it’s indispensable.

That may come across as bold, even brash to some. And, yes, I am aware how self-serving it can sound when the CEO of any company says how necessary their company’s service is.

But to whatever extent there is a debate or a dialogue going on […]

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College students discuss cheating during the pandemic

03/23/2021 on Today Show

TODAY’s Savannah Sellers talks to several college students about the difficulties of online learning and why they are cheating on schoolwork during the pandemic…Watch full video here.

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Walking the Line Between Academic Integrity & Privacy with Online Exams

By Robert Kidd
03/2021 on ACE-Ed

….When it came to the logistics of administering online exams, UNE found positives. The university, which uses the online invigilation solution ProctorU, had one human invigilator supervising between six and eight students…Read full article here.

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How college students learned new ways to cheat during pandemic remote schooling

By Samantha Subin
03/21/2021 on CNBC

…Jarrod Morgan, founder and chief strategy officer at ProctorU, a remote proctoring company that employs 1,100 proctors across 16 locations and 7 countries, says the company will bring the evidence to the universities, but won’t “make the final determination.”

“Everyone is the hero of their own stories and students that cheat like this don’t see themselves as doing anything inherently dishonest,” he said…Read full article here.

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Study Shows Probable Decline In Georgia’s Higher Education Enrollment

03/16/2021 on WABE

A new study suggests Georgia’s colleges, the smaller ones in particular, will see a significant decline in enrollment by the year 2025.

Andy Hannah helped author a study on national enrollment trends and he joined “Morning Edition” host Lisa Rayam to discuss higher education in Georgia….Read full article here.

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Her first startup failed. She then turned a chance meeting into a successful Frisco company

03/14/2021 on Dallas Morning News

Sabari Raja walked away from a “perfectly fine” business development job at Texas Instruments in 2012 to pursue her dream of starting her own company. A year later, her startup failed.

As she weighed returning to the corporate world or trying something else, a colleague invited her to attend a local STEM event. She reluctantly agreed, arriving 15 minutes late and drawing the attention of the speaker, who promptly […]

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