The Power of Rubrics—Students Take Control of Their Own Learning and Achievement

By Lynda Van Kuren on EdNewsDaily

…While educators can develop their own rubrics, they can also use rubrics provided by Turnitin and other organizations and customize them for their classes and students’ needs…Read full article here.

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What Colleges Are Doing to Fight the ‘Contract Cheating’ Industry

By Jeffrey R. Young
01/30/2020 EdSurge

In response to increasingly aggressive marketing tactics by companies that help students cheat, colleges are striking back with new responses of their own. In some cases, colleges are looking abroad for research and models to fight companies that offer term papers for hire, a practice known as “contract cheating.”…Read full article here.

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Science Interactive Group And Odigia: Science Labs And OER For Distance Ed

01/20/2020 on eLearning Industry

Science Interactive Group (SIG), the market leader in distance learning experiments and curricula for higher education, announced a partnership with Odigia today, the leading learner engagement platform for higher education institutions…Read full article here.

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Improving the Student Experience Is Essential, and IT Plays a Critical Role

By Andrew Graf
01/14/2020 in Tech&Learning University

Research suggests the quality of the campus experience has a profound effect on student recruitment and retention. Providing a high-quality experience helps colleges and universities get students in the door and see them through to completion. What’s more, how students interact with technology on campus — including how fast colleges and universities are able to resolve students’ IT problems — plays a critical role in shaping their experience…Read full article

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Why Studying Justin Bieber Will Shape America’s Education Future

By Derek Newton
01/15/2020 on Forbes

…“Inquiry education isn’t just a new way of learning, really is a new way of thinking about, approaching some of the core objectives of teaching,” said Shanti Elangovan, CEO and founder of InquirED, a Chicago-based company that’s specializing in designing, delivering and training teachers to use new inquiry-based curriculum here in the U.S. They already have several districts using their programs to teach students […]

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Turnitin CEO Chris Caren: “Here Are 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became a CEO”

By Carly Martinetti
12/20/20 on Authority Magazine

Thank you so much for joining us Chris! What is it about the position of CEO or executive that most attracted you to it?

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