My Journey From Professional Patient to Healthcare Professional

By Stephanie Isley
01/18/2024 – FE News

As a child and teenager, I spent so much time in hospitals and doctors’ offices that my family affectionately called me a […]

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Drastically expand talent pipelines by dropping degree requirements

By Craig Sprinkle
1/18/2024 – Fast Company Executive Board

For decades, employers in many industries have required a four-year degree in most of their job descriptions. Worsening workforce shortages […]

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Virginia State University, MedCerts team up on certification programs

By Drew Hansen
01/17/2024 – Richmond Inno (Biz Journals)

Virginia State University in Petersburg is partnering with online training company MedCerts to offer certification programs in health […]

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Virginia State University Announces Collaboration With MedCerts to Advance Educational Opportunities

By Shalini Pathak
01/18/2024 – EdTech Review

Virginia State University (VSU) has announced a revolutionary collaboration with MedCerts, the leading provider of online career training […]

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Virginia State University forges key partnership with MedCerts for enhanced career education

1/16/2024 – Noah News

Virginia State University (VSU), one of the key public historically black land-grant universities in the United States, has leveraged a new alliance with MedCerts to […]

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6 Tips for Stronger Customer Service Relationships in Training Programs

By Emily Brancel and Keyona Wilson
12/13/2023 – Training Magazine

At MedCerts, our customers are students, and we have worked with thousands of them as they balance coursework […]

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Unlocking New Pathways Through Training Programs

By Craig Sprinkle
12/12/2023 – Volt Edu

With the recent media coverage about the cost of education, ballooning student debt and dwindling college enrollment, it’s a good […]

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New program prepares high school students for allied health professions

By Cris Collingwood
11/14/2023 – Central Penn Business Journal

Cumberland Valley School District is offering a new certification program to meet student needs and help fill in demand jobs […]

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MedCerts Combines Conversational AI, Generative AI and Natural Language Processing for a Revolutionary New AI Addition to Online Health Care Training

By Mike Allen
11/09/2023 – Training Industry

MedCerts has launched its first Conversational AI /Generative AI healthcare training programs available on the market today. A subsidiary […]

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New Program Gives High School Students Training and Job Placement in an Allied Healthcare Career

10/24/2023 – edCircuit

The new program combines online training and, if needed as part of the certification, a residential experience in a healthcare setting guided by healthcare professionals. […]

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New Program Gives High School Students Training and Job Placement in an Allied Healthcare Career

10/23/2023 – eSchool News

After a comprehensive and successful two-year pilot with more than 900 students,  MedCerts has launched a training program for high school students to […]

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MedCerts Launches CTE Model Allowing Students to Earn Career Skills, Credentials, and College Credits

By Kristal Kuykendall
10/23/2023 – THE Journal

Stride subsidiary MedCerts, a global provider of healthcare and IT training and certification programs, has developed a public school Career […]

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3 priorities for new CEOs when taking the reins

By Craig Sprinkle
10/11/2023 – Fast Company Executive Board

Every new CEO faces challenges in the first few months of their tenure, whether they were hired externally or were […]

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Self-Sustaining Variability in Health Care Training Made Possible by Generative AI

By Dana Janssen
09/27/2023 – Training Industry

Tools like ChatGPT, Bing Chat and Jasper Chat have supercharged the effectiveness of scenario-based training programs like never before — not only […]

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What COVID Taught Us About a Train-and-Hire Program To Recruit Frontline Workers

By Kyle Bachman
09/25/2023 – Electronic Health Reporter

The applied experience comes through an externship in clinical settings. Candidates participate in 120 hours of training with a senior certified […]

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Train-And-Hire Programs: More Relevant And Promising Than Ever Before

By Rafael Castaneda
09/13/2023 – Forbes Business Development Council

Healthcare workforce shortages have grown more critical since the Covid-19 pandemic, as are […]

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Hiring: Elevating your recruitment process in today’s digital world

By Fast Company Executive Board
08/31/2023 – Fast Company


Using tech to streamline the hiring process can start before the recruiting process. It requires rethinking the […]

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Rafael Castañeda On Institutions Supporting Workforce Development

08/01/2023 – Higher Ed Geek

As we come back from summer break, we’re pleased to welcome Rafael to the show! Rafael is SVP Strategic Partnerships & Workforce Development […]

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Generative AI Prompts for L&D Pros

By Lin Grensing-Pophal
07/18/2023 – HR Daily Advisor

MedCerts training programs, for example, had traditionally been scenario-based and fixed to data already existing in the […]

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4 reasons university and private training partnerships are accelerating

Being able […]
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Coursera & MedCerts Partner to Offer Healthcare Courses to Global Learner Community

By Shalini Pathak
06/16/2023 – EdTech Review

MedCerts, the innovation leader in online healthcare and IT certification training and a subsidiary of […]

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Can You Hear Me Now?: Julie Campos Of MedCerts On Five Strategies Leaders Use to Diminish Distractions & Win in the Attention Economy

05/21/2023 – Authority Magazine

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Offering prior learning credits helps increase earning power

By Jonathan McCombs
05/04/2023 – SmartBrief

Then there are private training providers that offer career training programs directly aligned with the certification exams that validate a person’s knowledge and […]

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Online Healthcare Platform MedCerts Partners With Lifetime Learning by Ball State University

By Shalini Pathak
04/07/2023 – EdTech Review

MedCerts, the innovation leader in online career training in allied health and information technology and a subsidiary of Stride, Inc, an EdTech […]

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How Franklin University Pivoted To Meet The Needs of Current and Future Healthcare Workers

By Dr. Patrick Bennett
04/06/2023 – Education IT Reporter

…Having the right partners working with Franklin University is one reason we can offer so many flexible options to fit […]

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Immersive Training Technology Is the Future of Workforce Development

04/05/2023 – Coruzant Technologies

When students have the chance to learn in real-life scenarios, they are able to master critical career skills faster. But in […]

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New MedCerts Partnership with Lifetime Learning by Ball State Offers Healthcare and Technology Certifications for Adult Learners

04/04/2023 – eCampus News

…“We are pleased that Ball State has chosen MedCerts as a training option for their students,” said Craig Sprinkle, CEO of MedCerts. “As a […]

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Finding Flexibility in School and Career Was the Key to Living My Life

By Aysha Minor
04/03/2023 – FE News

…Seeing my younger brother go back to school inspired me to do the same. But instead of going to a traditional school like he was, […]

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Innovator and Former Academic Dean Takes Learning to New Heights with Executive Rafael Castañeda

02/27/2023 – Coruzant Technologies

MedCerts’ SVP of Strategic Partnerships & Workforce Development, Rafael Castañeda, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast. He shares his tenured career across […]

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Goshen Health and MedCerts Partnership Creates Pipeline of Medical Assistants

By Kathy Gurchiek
02/01/2023 on SHRM

In 2021, Goshen teamed with MedCerts—a provider of career certification training in health-related careers—to offer medical assistant training. Medical […]

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It took two decades to find a path out of a low-wage career. Why was it so difficult?

By Naomi Kateley
01/27/2023 – FE News 

Earlier this year my employer, Crosby Pharmacy, needed to hire more pharmacy technicians. It’s hard to find people to work in our […]

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Online Training Can Ease Healthcare Demands

By Paul Fain
12/01/2022 – Open Campus

The nation’s healthcare system continues to strain amid a severe staffing crisis. And the mounting desperation is prodding some employers to get more creative about how they hire, train, and retain healthcare workers.

MedCerts […]

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There Is a Way to Bridge Fast Training in Healthcare

By Jason Aubrey
10/04/2022 – Inside Sources/DC Journal 

“Making this happen requires a new way of thinking about skills-based training, which takes commitment. It means not simply training and […]

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