Screen time isn’t all bad: Technology can make invaluable connections for students

By: Julia Freeland Fisher
11/28/2018 on USA TODAY

…Some connect students to peers around the world while others match teachers with local guest speakers. For example, one tool called Nepris allows classrooms to engage in video chats with professionals ranging from geological engineers to screenwriters…Read full article here.

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The Edtech Edge

By Steven Yoder
11/26/2018 on Comstock

….So in 2016, CRANE seized the chance to sign on with a Texas-based tech company called Nepris that sets up these virtual classroom conversations. Since then, through CRANE’s Nepris subscription, about 100 local teachers have connected their classes with about 40 area industries, Stymeist estimates….Read full article here.

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The World Of Work — In Elementary School

10/18/2018 on Forbes

….Many of the “meet a pro” activities happen virtually through Nepris, a platform that connects industry professionals with classrooms….Read full article here.

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Why a Web of Connections—Not a Single Relationship—Should Surround Students

By Julia Freeland Fisher
09/28/2018 on Edsurge

….For example, Cajon Valley’s World of Work model connects young students—starting in elementary school—to local employers and online industry experts through an online tool called Nepris….Read full article here.

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How young is too young to start introducing students to future careers?

By: Tara García Mathewson
05/02/2018 on Hechinger Report

….The “meet a pro” activities primarily happen virtually, through Nepris, a platform that connects industry professionals with classrooms. Hidalgo said Cajon Valley teachers can’t be expected to coordinate classroom visits with professionals from each of the many careers….Read full article here.

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Schools need industry input to help students connect learning to the real world

By Amelia Harper
03/01/2018 on Education Dive

… Nepris can also offer ways to connect students to the real world, and teachers can also find ways to incorporate practical applications in subject areas such as mathscience, or writing…Read full article here.

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5 reasons your classroom needs an industry expert

By Laura Ascione
02/28/2018 on eSchool News 

….In the very near future, “78 percent of all available jobs will require education beyond high school–that doesn’t necessarily mean four-year degrees, but something beyond high school,” said Sabari Raja, founder and chief executive officer of Nepris, a web-based platform that connects students and teachers to STEM professionals and industry experts….Read full article here.

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Best in K-12 Education 2018: Top Industry Experts

02/12/2018 on Credit Donkey

….Nepris is making it easy for teachers to connect with industry professionals and bring them into the classroom virtually to give students an engaging, real-world learning experience…Read full story here.

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Del Mar Hills students take on challenge to redesign human body

By Karen Billing
01/09/18 on Del Mar Times

…During the course of the project, the students did their own research on different human body systems and worked to teach each other. They learned about climate change by Skyping with a scientist in Pennsylvania through Nepris, an organization that connects industry professionals to classrooms nationwide….Read full article here.

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Ready and Working: Pathway Programs Are Changing What It Means to Be Career Ready

By Derek Newton
11/17/2017 on Getting Smart 

…And to do that, teachers don’t need to keep rolodexes of botanists and blues guitarists or spend hours arranging appointments. Specialized technology providers like Nepris do the work by not just finding experts in thousands of fields but by connecting those experts to classrooms in real time as well as archiving conversations so they are accessible by educators anywhere, anytime to enrich classroom experiences…Read full article here.

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Louisiana Students Look Beyond High School With Workplace-Based Learning and Micro-industry Engagement

By Dave Lefkowith
11/14/2017 on The74 

…In Louisiana, we’ve tried to address this challenge by using the online Nepris system, industry partners such as the Baton Rouge Area Chamber’s Micro-Enterprise Credential initiative, and Virtual Workplace Experience instructional resources to create a process we call micro-industry engagement…Read full article here.

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Trailblazers in Edtech: Sabari Raja

By Matthew Lynch
09/07/2017 on The Tech Edvocate

How She’s Transforming the EdTech Space: Sabari’s passion is transforming students lives by democratizing education through technology. Engaging girls and minorities in STEM careers is a driving force. Her vision and leadership with Nepris has helped bring real-world exposure to many rural and lower socioeconomic students…Read full article here.

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Public Schools Actually Embrace Innovation – Five Examples of States, Districts Making Tech Work

By Derek Newton
07/27/17 on Huff Post

…Here are five education innovations being used in classrooms right now in Illinois, Washington, Texas, Louisiana and Alabama – ideas and teaching technologies that are worthy of spreading…Read full article here.

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Startup Funding In Austin, TX Finds Its Way To Minority Entrepreneurs

06/30/2017 on CrunchBase
…In 2013, Sabari Raja and friend Binu Thayamkery co-foundedNepris, a startup aimed at leveling the playing field for all students in STEM, especially girls and minorities…Read full article here.

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Virtual Field Trips Emerge as a Key Workforce Development Tool

By Mark Niederhauer
06/12/2017 on Advanced Manufacturing

…We found the perfect solution to both of our needs in Nepris, a platform that connects students with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professionals through online video conferences…Read full article here.

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