Key Strategies for Technology Officers in Remote Financial Work Environments

By Matt Jones
02/15/2024 – TechBullion

As technology officers like Mr. Roark identify challenges in flexible work environments, they are actively implementing strategies to cultivate remote-ready IT teams. I’ve […]

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This Core Classroom Tool Helps Me Differentiate Instruction Effectively

By Lynn Korff
1/8/2024 – EdTech Chronicle

I’ve found that using the right classroom management platform not only helps me run my classroom smoothly and keep everyone on task; […]

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Solving the IT staffing challenge in K-12 education

By Al Kingsley
12/11/2023 – eSchool News

The lack of IT talent is a problem for all organizations, but it places an especially large burden on K-12 school systems. […]

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How employers can foster and develop resilience with IT staff: Encourage a growth mindset

By Al Kingsley
12/12/2023 – IT World Canada

Every employee can benefit from having a “growth mindset,” which is the ability to develop and change, to recognize failures not […]

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The Nicest Guy in Ed-Tech – Al Kingsley

11/08/2023 – Slow-Smoked Business with Jarrod Morgan

On this week’s Slow Smoked Business, Jarrod is joined by Al Kingsley, the nicest guy in education technology, to discuss how […]

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5 strategies to reduce teacher stress and improve retention

By Al Kingsley
11/06/2023 – eSchool News

Teaching has always been a stressful profession, but since the pandemic it has become even more so. Nearly three […]

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Exciting new edtech? Don’t forget the load on teachers, support staff and IT

By Al Kingsley
10/18/2023 – District Administration

Education technology is advancing and innovating at an inspiring pace, driven mostly by generative AI. In and out of the classroom, technology […]

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6 Suggestions IT Teams Should Ask Teachers When Evaluating Unapproved Technology

By Al Kingsley
09/21/2023 – THE Journal

Even with their plates full and their job demands high, school IT teams value teachers’ input and want to support their teachers’ […]

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AI forces how we define the lifespan of technology

By Al Kingsley
09/21/2023 – Tech Bullion

Organizations therefore need leaders who have vision, who aren’t afraid of uncertainty, who can recognize new potential and understand that the tech […]

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An Education Veteran’s Perspective: Protecting Students & Protecting Privacy

By Al Kingsley
August/September 2023 of Ace-Ed Issue of Equity & Access Magazine 

There’s a stark difference in how schools in the United States and the United Kingdom handle […]

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This key strategy can help boost teacher well-being immediately

By Mike Teng
07/14/2023 – eSchool News 

Improving teacher wellness is a complex challenge, and solving it will require a systemic approach that includes making widespread changes to improve […]

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Students Flourish in the Spaces Between our Focus on the Core Curriculum

By Al Kingsley
06/05/2023 – The Learning Counsel

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Adam Mendler, host of the popular leadership podcast Thirty Minute Mentors. Adam […]

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Edtech Insiders Podcast: Al Kingsley, Edtech Shared

05/29/2023 – Edtech Insiders

Al Kingsley has over 30 years’ experience in educational technology and digital safeguarding…Listen to the entire Edtech Insiders […]

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Insights with NetSupport Radio: Kailey Lefko of Educalme and Dean Shareski Interviews

05/10/2023  and 05/11/2023 – NetSupport Radio

Kailey Lefko, a Math and Science Teacher, Co-Founder at Educalme Inc and The Balanced Educator Podcast Co-Host, joined 

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How I Added a New Role to My Already Full Military Mom Life

By Kassia Fielder
05/03/2023 – FE News

This idea came to me because during my high school years I worked in an assisted living facility. I loved getting to […]

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Try Out ChatGPT Now: Because Your Students Already Know About It

By Al Kingsley
04/20/2023 – Canadian Teacher Magazine

Next is efficiency. In industry, we need people able to iterate on past successes. Programmers comb through existing code to improve […]

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Global ideas that show the power of an education servant leader

By Al Kingsley
04/18/2023 – SmartBrief 

When my children were young, my wife and I moved to a house in a neighborhood where a new secondary school was being […]

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A 5-point plan for post-pandemic education

By Al Kingsley
04/13/2023 – eSchool News

…1. Take stock: The first step is to get an accurate picture of what is happening in your schools now. That means talking […]

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Try out ChatGPT now because your students already know all about it

By Al Kingsley
03/17/2023 – Edtech Chronicle

…Some kinds of writing simply may not be needed in the future. For years, newspapers have relied on algorithms to report baseball game statistics – […]

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Your staff is the biggest key to making your SEL program work

By Al Kingsley
03/10/2023 – Rachelle Dene Poth Blog

…But if like so many districts, you have already purchased a program and are in the early stages of implementation, […]

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Taking The Long View On School Governance

By Al Kingsley
03/03/2023 – Education IT Reporter

I’ve watched my children work their way through the school system and – while I realize U.K. education differs from the U.S.’s – we […]

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02/03/2023 – Adam Mendler Blog

I recently went one on one with Al Kingsley, CEO of NetSupport.

Adam: Thanks again for taking the time to share your advice. First things […]

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Podcast – The Changing Landscape of Assessments with Al Kingsley Transformative Principal 507

11/17/2022 – Transformative Principal

  • Many similarities – Local authority schools, state run, and private/independent school.
  • Two checkpoints in year 2 and year 6
  • Internal (teacher-based) and external […]
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7 Tips to Create a Company-Branded Podcast That Actually Gets Listeners

By Al Kingsley
10/04/2022 – Built In

“Very few people can resist the invitation to step into the […]

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Podcast – The Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast – Edtech Secrets

09/28/2022 – The Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast

Show Highlights

  • Interesting ideas on how to roll out and adopt technology
  • Create a school that’s actually responsive […]
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4 Ways Schools Can Save Money on Energy

By Al Kingsley
09/21/2022 – THE Journal

There isn’t much school leaders can do to halt the increase in oil costs or stem the rising electricity prices, but that […]

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5 ways to make your IT department more efficient

By Nele Morrison
09/05/2022 – eSchool News

In my six years as the director of technology for the Pittsburg Independent School District, a town about 120 miles east of […]

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Respect for Teachers and Trends in EdTech with Al Kingsley

08/01/2022 – Trending in Education

“Al rejoins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about the need for respect for educators in these challenging times. We explore pathways into […]

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Don’t go to ISTE without a plan

By Al Kingsley
06/27/2022 – Edtech Chronicle

“And as hundreds, perhaps thousands of district leaders, teachers, technology experts and education companies descend on New Orleans for the 

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It’s Time for a Different Mindset on Digital Security and Privacy in EdTech

By Al Kingsley
06/23/2022 – edCiruit

“Students spend a significant amount of time outside of formal learning ecosystems engaging with outside content and with each […]

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What Is Digital Poverty and Why Edtech Is Responsible for Driving Change?

By Al Kingsley
06/13/2022 – Inside Sources

“The shift to remote and hybrid learning catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted many challenges and inequities in our current education […]

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Ignore NAEP. Better Yet, Abolish It

By Al Kingsley
06/06/2022 – Education Week

“All year long, important data are published in the United States. Spring is the season for state education report cards. Last […]

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Don’t forget social, emotional health for district IT staff

By Al Kingsley
05/03/2022 – eSchool News 

“During all the tumult of the last two years of schooling, from remote to hybrid to masked in-person, educators prioritized the social […]

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Skills Unlock the Future with Al Kingsley Cybertraps 116

03/10/2022 – Cybertraps Podcast

Al Kingsley is CEO of NetSupport and also serves as the Chair of two Multi Academy Trusts and a local School Governors’ Leadership Group […]

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How to Meet the Social-Emotional Needs of Students & Staff

By Al Kingsley
02/21/2022 – SEL Today

“Intuitively, teachers and support staff have always looked out for the well-being of students. That kind of care is hard wired into […]

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5 edtech opportunities that will emerge in 2022

By Al Kingsley
02/10/2022 – eSchool News

“Kuato is an edtech gaming company that surveyed 1,000 parents and 600 teachers in the U.K. and the U.S about […]

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How Technology Can Help Schools Meet Today’s Challenges

By Wayne D’Orio
02/10/2022 – Edtech Chronicle

“It’s not surprising that technology has played a major role in helping school leaders make these changes. While all of this back-and-forth […]

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Digital Safety Tips For Parents

By Al Kingsley
02/09/2022 – Edtech Review 

“ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) has advice about online safety for educators. The suggestions are intended […]

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Protecting Students in a Digital World – SULS0143

02/01/2022 – Shake Up Learning

“In this episode, Kasey chats with noted education technology author, podcast host, and edtech CEO, Al Kingsley. Kasey and Al […]

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EduTech Guys – FETC 2022 – Al Kingsley

01/26/2022 – EduTech Guys

“Al Kingsley, CEO of NetSupport, interview with EduTech Guys at FETC 2022.”… Listen to EduTech Guys podcast episode here.

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Book Review–My Secret EdTech diary

By Jacqui Murray on Ask a Tech Teacher

“Al Kingsley’s My Secret EdTech Diary (John Cott Educational 2021) is a big-goaled, meandering overview of edtech (educational technology) available and […]

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Coffee with a Geek Interview with Al Kingsley

12/02/21 – Coffee with a Geek Podcast 

“In this episode, I ask Al about his vast experience, his recent presentation at the NYSCATE 21 Conference, and […]

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NetSupport Classroom Management Updated

By Dian Schaffhauser
11/30/2021 – THE Journal

“A company that produces network and cloud-based technology for K-12 has enhanced its classroom management product. NetSupport, which develops 

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110 Al Kingsley Does Not Speak in Code

11/18/2021 – Unlabeled Leadership

“I invite guests to share personal stories about acts of leadership that help shape their lives. In Episode 110, Al Kingsley talks about a […]

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The Future of Edtech is Simpler, Not More Complex

By Al Kingsley
11/12/2021 – Edtech Digest

“I’m not against tech innovation. I couldn’t possibly be since I am the CEO of a company that develops edtech. However, I’m […]

By |2023-01-16T03:56:20+00:00November 15th, 2021|Client Articles, NetSupport| from NetSupport Releases New Classroom Management and Safety Features, Giving Teachers More Control in the Cloud

11/05/2021 – eSchool News

“In this update, teachers can control sound and USB drives, and they have additional safety monitoring features and time-saving keystroke shortcuts. Because the pandemic […]

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No Such Thing: Education in the Digital Age

11/01/2021 – No Such Thing: Education in the Digital Age

“Al Kingsley has over 30 years’ experience in the technology sector predominantly with his work on IT Asset […]

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The eLearning Hotseat with Al Kingsley

An event by Stephen Ladek live on 10/28/2021

“Al Kingsley and Stephen Ladek discuss what tech does education need (right) […]

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Choosing the right technology to encourage parental engagement

By Al Kingsley
10/11/2021 – Rachelle Poth Blog

“Schools know that the more involved parents and carers are in their children’s learning, the more effective that learning will be. […]

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Technology As An Enabler In Education

08/31/2021 – Tests and the Rest Podcast

“What are five things you will learn in this episode?

  1. Which aspects of education can–and cannot–be improved through technology?
  2. What is […]
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