Discussion of UCF’s Take the Zero Campaign on The Score Podcast

07/04/2023 – FE News

Episode 008 of the academic integrity podcast The Score features Jennifer Wright with the University of Central Florida. Wright helps facilitate […]

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5 Tips to Help Employees Do Their Best in Proctored Certification Exams

06/12/2023 – Training Magazine
Taking an exam is usually stressful. There are ways, however, to help employees be better prepared and have less anxiety about […]
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Tips to help students perform their best in online exams

By Kylie Day and Sarah Thorneycroft
04/04/2023 – SmartBrief

The University of New England in Australia has been successfully delivering supervised online exams since 2017 to a predominantly online, […]

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Guest opinion: Cheating in school is an equity problem and we’re doing nothing to stop it

By Ashley Norris
11/01/2022 – 

“I’ve said or written this statement countless times, but it bears repeating as often as possible. Protecting exam integrity is not only an […]

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Student Behavior Survey Results The Score Podcast

08/22/2022 – FE News 

“In Episode 007 of The Score Podcast, host Kathryn Baron (@TchersPet) […]

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Proctoring and Monitoring Definitions Issued by NCTA Is An Important Step Forward in Exam Integrity

By Ashley Norris
07/26/2022 – FE News 

“So, given that online test security is such a big and important market, it feels odd that those of us in the […]

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11 ways to develop a stronger client relationship

By Fast Company Executive Board
06/17/2022 – Fast Company 


Listen more than you speak. When you do talk, be sincere. To move forward in the […]

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The Score Podcast Episode 005, Guests Mark Biggin and Karen Symms Gallagher Talk about Detecting Collusion and Awareness

06/16/2022 – FE News

“Kathryn Baron (02:30): Dr. Biggin, in an article in Forbes by Derek Newton, you described yourself as being naive about the […]

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Jump in cheating on tests during pandemic biggest in years

05/19/2022 – Scripps National News – YouTube 

This piece aired on all stations on their streaming apps on May 11, 2022. And then it was broadcasted on half […]

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Proctored exams show increased cheating rates

By Laura Ascione
06/03/2022 – eCampus News

“A new report has revealed exam data showing that the rates of possible and […]

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Pandemic Cheating in College Compared with Cheating in Online Chess in Episode 004 of The Score

05/31/2022 – FE News

“On episode four of The Score, host Kathryn Baron (@TchersPet) spoke with

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It’s Far Better to Prevent Cheating Rather Than Punish

By Jarrod Morgan
05/05/2022 – Inside Sources

“My company — Meazure Learning, a testing solutions company — recently released a report highlighting the rates of potential and […]

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Proctor Systems: Striking the Right Balance

By Justin
05/01/2022 – listedtech 

“Students are savvy enough to understand that specific measures need to be taken to prevent some candidates from taking advantage of their remote locations […]

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Écoles de commerce: les concours Sésame et Accès réagissent après des cas de triche (Business schools: Sésame and Accès competitions react after cases of cheating)

Etudiant Lefigaro – 04/28/2022

“Les épreuves écrites en ligne des concours post-bac d’accès aux écoles de management sont-elles suffisamment sécurisées? Depuis la crise du Covid-19, certaines banques d’épreuves […]

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Online Exam Cheating Is Up

By: Tom Williams for Times Higher Education
04/28/2022 – Inside Higher Ed”A global analysis of data on three million tests that used the ProctorU proctoring […]
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How cheating on online exams may be eroding higher ed’s future credibility

By: Matt Zalaznick
04/26/2022 – University Business

The fact that cheating on online exams rose during the pandemic may not surprise higher ed […]

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Levels of cheating in online exams soaring, say invigilators

By Tom Williams
04/26/2022 – Times Higher Ed

Analysis of data on 3 million tests globally that used the ProctorU invigilation platform found that “confirmed breaches” of test regulations – […]

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Academic Cheating Surged 13-Fold During Pandemic, Study Shows

By Jackson Elliott
04/26/2022 – The Epoch Times

“A new study by Meazure shows that from 2019 to 2021, confirmed cases of academic cheating during online monitored tests increased […]

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Cheating in College Is Big Business and a Big Problem

By Ashley Norris
03/24/2022 – Inside Sources

“It may surprise you to learn that academic cheating — the business of gaining unfair or unauthorized advantage during a test or […]

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Academic Integrity Expert Dr. Tricia Bertram Gallant of UC San Diego on Episode 003 of The Score Podcast

03/17/2022 – FE News

“In episode 003 of The Score Podcast, Dr. Tricia Bertram Gallant (

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Lessons that Inspired Our Company to Emphasize Humans in Technology

By Jarrod Morgan
03/11/2022 – Coruzant Technologies

“Technology is amazing. I mean that sometimes what technology can do amazes us.

Remember, for example, the first time your mobile phone spit […]

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Episode #148: Jarrod Morgan on Facilitating Positive Academic Experiences

03/02/2022 – Higher Ed Geek Podcast

“Our guest for this week’s episode is Jarrod Morgan, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Meazure […]

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How Do Students Feel About Cheating? Podcast on Academic Integrity Explores Recent Research

02/17/2022 – FE News

Jarret Dyer who is a former president of the National College Testing Association, test […]

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Never underestimate the complexities of scaling a business

By Jarrod Morgan
02/15/2022 – Fast Company

“One of my favorite ways to get a point across is to use a folksy analogy and something tangible illustrating the concept. […]

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4 big ways the pandemic is changing assessment in schools

By Ashley Norris
02/04/2022 – District Administration

“Five years ago, no one could have predicted such upheaval.

That upheaval makes predictions or planning about the future of education, even a […]

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Invaluable Life Lesson: Surrounding Yourself with Great People for Career Growth with Founder Jarrod Morgan | Ep 441

01/25/2022 on Coruzant Technologies

“Jarrod Morgan is the Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Meazure Learning, the parent company of ProctorU. Jarrod has been a leader in the […]

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Journalist and Publisher of The Cheat Sheet, Derek Newton Speaks about Academic Integrity – The Score Podcast #1

01/17/2022 – FE News

Derek Newton (@DerekTNG), editor of 

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Credential fraud is a major concern for businesses

By Jarrod Morgan
01/07/2022 – Fast Company

“It’s dangerous not only for the public but also for businesses that hire credentialed experts with skills we assume are measured and […]

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Humans And Tech Must Work Together To Stop Cheating

By Ashley Norris
01/03/22  – eLearning Industry

“Given the consequences of not passing an […]

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How K-12 teachers can help win the battle against college cheating

By Ashley Norris
12/14/21 – District Administration

“I am sorry to be the one to tell you this, but the job description for middle and high school teachers is […]

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Being a progressionist versus being a perfectionist

By Jarrod Morgan
10/21/2021 – Fast Company

“Let’s be honest for a moment: Nothing is ever going to be perfect. That’s just the tough reality we face every day. […]

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Securing Academic Integrity: An Equity Issue

09/30/2021 – ACE-Ed

“Why controlling cheating matters…why it hurts everyone…with Dr. Ashley Norris of Meazure Learning, parent company of ProctorU.”… Listen to the full ACE-Ed […]

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The integrity arms race is expensive and unsustainable

By Ashley Norris
09/04/2021 – Times Higher Ed

“Clearly, we need robust investments in student support, as well as human proctoring, to combat cheating. But it is unlikely that […]

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Cheating in college rises during the pandemic

By Kevin Landers
08/12/2021 – WCNC

“Cheating is on the rise on college campuses across the country according to a new study from Marshall University.

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Academic misconduct has become more common and expensive, reputationally and financially

Dr. Ashley Norris
07/17/2021 – FE News 

“As someone who spends every day working with, even obsessing over academic misconduct and seeing faculty and institutions pull their hair out trying […]

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Complex issues surrounding the proctoring of online assessments

By Rebecca Bodenheimer
06/25/2021 – FE News 

“The International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI) held its annual conference, which was fully remote this year, in early […]

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ProctorU Gets Rid of AI Only Proctoring

05/2021 – American Libraries

ProctorU announced on May 24 it is discontinuing services that rely solely on artificial intelligence for exam proctoring. Instead, it […]

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ProctorU Ditches AI-Only Exam Integrity Services

By |2022-04-06T20:55:56+00:00June 4th, 2021|Client Articles, ProctorU|

Time to Rethink AI Proctoring?

By Lindsay McKenzie
05/28/2021 – Inside Higher Ed

‘”It’s not appropriate for AI to be making decisions, and it’s unfair to expect faculty to […]

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AI-only proctoring is risky and doesn’t work. We’re not doing it any more

By Scott McFarland
05/29/2021 – Times Higher Ed

“AI was never going to be an effective substitute for human monitoring. My company, ProctorU, has always championed live monitoring by […]

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Amid Objections to Automated Proctoring, One Company Abandons the Practice

By Jeffrey R. Young
05/27/2021 – EdSurge

“This week one large provider of proctoring services, ProctorU, took the unusual step […]

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ProctorU to No Longer Offer Human-less Test Proctoring Services

By Arrman Kyaw
05/25/2021 – Diverse Issues in Higher Education

ProctorU, an academic division of Meazure Learning, the provider of remote proctoring […]

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Cheating at School Is Easier Than Ever—and It’s Rampant

By Tawnell D. Hobbs
05/12/2021 – Wall Street Journal

“A year of remote learning has spurred an eruption of cheating among students, from grade school […]

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Meazure Learning Hires VP of Strategic Partnerships to Continue Expansion of Professional Testing Services

04/30/2021 – AI thority

“Meazure Learning, a full-service testing solutions company for academic, professional and lifelong learners formed by the merger of ProctorU and Yardstick, has appointed Jason […]

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Artificial Intelligence grading your ‘neuroticism’? Welcome to colleges’ new frontier

By Derek Newton
04/26/2021 – USA Today

“The newest can evaluate and score applicants’ personality traits and perceived motivation, and colleges increasingly are using these tools to make admissions and […]

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Education’s Biggest Challenge: Tech Is Making Cheating Too Easy

By Scott McFarland
03/29/2021 – Education IT Reporter

“Cheating has been a problem in academia since, I am sure, forever. But it’s undeniably worse now than it’s ever been. […]

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How Cheating in College Hurts Students

By Josh Moody
03/31/2021 – US News and World Report

“Jarrod Morgan, founder and chief strategy officer of ProctorU, an online test proctoring service that observes students taking tests […]

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Proctoring Online Exams or Tests Is Essential

By Scott McFarland
03/23/2021 – eLearning Inside

“Proctoring online exams or tests is essential. By that I do not mean it is important or simply a good idea. I […]

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College students discuss cheating during the pandemic

03/23/2021 – Today Show

“TODAY’s Savannah Sellers talks to several college students about the difficulties of online learning and why they are cheating on schoolwork during the pandemic.”…Watch […]

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Walking the Line Between Academic Integrity & Privacy with Online Exams

By Robert Kidd
03/2021 – ACE-Ed

“When it came to the logistics of administering online exams, UNE found positives. The university, which uses the online invigilation solution

By |2022-03-29T22:01:30+00:00March 22nd, 2021|Client Articles, ProctorU|