Life Lessons on MLK Day 2019 with Michele Pitman, CEO of IntelliVOL

01/21/2019 on Blog Talk Radio: Life Lessons Network

…Keeping track of all of the good works of those students in order to know what is happening in our area and the overall impact is not easy…Read full article here.

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Community service is great. So why is it such a pain?

By Michele Pitman
01/21/2019 on Crain’s New York Business

…We can reward initiative without burdening schools or service providers. Mobile, cloud technologies allow students to find, schedule, confirm and reflect on service experiences with their smartphones. Schools and community groups can verify hours in one touch…Read full article here.

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4 Ways to Boost Service Learning in Schools

By: Wayne D’Orio
12/08/2018 on Getting Smart

…Howlett remembers how students would dispute hours and her secretary would constantly be chasing down slips of paper from forgetful teenagers. Now, she and Loew both use x2VOL, an online platform to not only mark service hours but also collect reflections. Students can pull their service transcripts and records from the site and submit the information for college applications, Howlett says…Read full article here.

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Tech Makes it easier for schools and students to track and report community service for college applications

By Wayne D’Orio
08/29/2018 on TeacherCast

…x2VOL is a program that can not only eliminate the scraps of paper and Post-it Notes while tallying a student’s service time, but it can also add meaning to the experiences and help point the way for students to calmly, and accurately, complete their applications to show their best side…Read full article here.

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The value of service learning

By: Jill Stafford
07/12/2018 on Smart Brief

…We now use an electronic system from x2VOL to track all of this data, which was a giant leap forward. And as of 2018, our students can order an Official Service Transcript to tie their service together in one neat, verifiable package….Read full article here.

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Why Community Service Matters On College Apps

By Andrea Carter
04/11/2018 on Poets and Quants

…Michele Pitman, CEO and founder of intelliVOL, which is the creator of the tracking platform x2VOL, says she launched the service because she believes the future of admissions is colleges requiring a record of applicants’ community involvement just as they do transcripts to verify GPA and SAT scores. “More and more colleges are looking for ways to get a clearer picture of a student’s fit at their school,” she says…Read full article here.

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New Survey Shows Value Of Community Service In College Admissions

By Derek Newton
04/05/2018 on Forbes

…“We’ve known for some time that colleges strongly consider community service in admissions decisions,” Michele Pitman, the Founder & CEO, intelliVOL, maker of x2VOL, said. “We’ve just never really known how much of an influence it is – and so this is great news for students who now have the ability to demonstrate who they are outside of the classroom,” she said….Read full article here.

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Cedar Grove High School introduces service initiative

By Owen Proctor
12/07/2017 on NewJersey.com

…Through x2VOL, students can find service opportunities, receive reminders, and track their progress against the goals via their digital dashboard…Read full article here.

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Community Service: An Overlooked Measure of Personal Growth and Predictor of College Success

By Michele Pitman, Guest Contributor
11/21/2017 on MDR Education

…I developed x2VOL with the belief that through service students experience personal growth that can be quantified. This may not be a direct cause-effect relationship, but the number of hours students serve and their reflections about that service can be an indicator of personal growth…Read full article here.

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Making Service Learning More Than Service

Guest Column by Dennis Pierce
04/12/2017 on EdTech Digest

…“It is enormously difficult to make students tell you anything personally significant about their community service,” says Michele Pitman, who created the platform, x2VOL… Read full article here.

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x2VOL Improves Tracking of NHS Service Hours

By Matthew Lynch
03/17/2017 on The Edovcate

…With more than 14 million approved hours recorded via this online system, x2VOL is the most widely used service tracking platform in K-12 education…Read full article here.

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Guilford County Schools Adopts New Service Learning Management Tool

By Leila Meyer
09/14/16 on THE Journal

Guilford County Schools in North Carolina is implementing a new app for students to track their service learning hours. Read full article here.

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Guilford Co. Schools Get x2VOL to Track Service Learning

GREENSBORO — Guilford County Schools students who had issues with an app to track their service learning hours are getting a new tool this school year.
Watch news story here.

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Article: Using Software for Making Student Service Manageable

An effective service-learning program can help students learn important Christian values. But service-learning programs often have many aspects to manage, making them challenging to oversee.

Read the article in Christian School Products magazine.

x2VOL, by intelliVOL, Picked as Top 100 Education Product for Third Year

DALLAS — December 4, 2014 District Administration editors have again picked x2VOL as a Readers’ Choice Top 100 Product for 2014. Each December, the magazine highlights the top products enhancing learning in districts nationwide. x2VOL from intelliVOL was nominated by schools which use the product to make community service programs for service learning or student service easier to manage. Click to Tweet.

Read full release here DA_top100_2014v2

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