Thrive o’Clock w/ Rachelle & Mel w/guest Michele Pitman, CEO @x2VOL

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Learning to Lead: The Impact of Community Service on Student Success

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How the Wicomico County Public School District Kept Community Service Alive During COVID

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Tech Makes it easier for schools and students to track and report community service for college applications

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New Survey Shows Value Of Community Service In College Admissions

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Cedar Grove High School introduces service initiative

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Community Service: An Overlooked Measure of Personal Growth and Predictor of College Success

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Guilford County Schools Adopts New Service Learning Management Tool

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Guilford Co. Schools Get x2VOL to Track Service Learning

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Press Release: x2VOL, by intelliVOL, Picked as Top 100 Education Product for Third Year

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Press Release: x2VOL, by intelliVOL, Added to Pearson School Systems List of Partners

Free 60-day Trial of x2VOL Community Service System for Schools

Press Release: Going to College? Survey Conducted by x2VOL Says Service is Important

Press Release: x2VOL Makes it Easier to do God’s Work

Press Release: Texas School Gives 35,000 Volunteer Hours Via x2VOL