Effective public outreach includes developing public notices, advertisements, and other collateral to convey necessary information not only for requirements under CEQA and Prop 218 for rate increases, but for the basic intent of building goodwill, keeping the public informed, and maintaining complete transparency. With good design and thoughtful planning even the most daunting project—such as producing a complicated ballot in three languages—can be visually appealing.

In addition to having talented graphic artists on our team, Pando Public Relations also produces websites; direct mail; advertising campaigns; public outreach, education, and notification campaigns; digital campaigns; and social media campaigns. We frequently recommend that a public works project develop its own dedicated website (which need not be extremely expensive to build and maintain). These websites make it easier for the public to find information without having to dig through city websites where navigation can be cumbersome, it also reflects a sincere attempt to reach out proactively to affected publics which can go a long way toward building good will.

See below for examples of collateral from a few of our public outreach and public notification campaigns.