We have learned a lot in this business and we like to share so here are some tools and resources we find helpful:

Top sources for K-12 market news and information:

  • EdSurge (industry and funding news along with buzz about all things #edtech)
  • SIIA (opportunities to learn from experts in the industry and network with other companies)
  • Education Week (simply THE BEST education reporting)

Some of my favorite blogs and news sites in education:

List of K-12 education trades (Please note that this list is of long-established trades and a few of their digital counterparts. The blogger universe grows every day so please visit Teach100 to see the top blogs.)

EdSurge’s list of Education Conferences and their online/hybrid/in-person plans

In addition to LinkedIn and the standard fare, our favorite technology tools include:

  • Snip.ly – Insert a call-to-action or link to your content on articles you share
  • Medium – A blogging platform to circulate (and escalate) content
  • Hootsuite – Simply no other way to manage social properties and social streams
  • HARO – 3x per day reporters look for sources and HARO brings those requests to your email box
  • Dropbox – For storing and sharing files
  • VisualThesaurus – Just because it’s cool!
  • MuckRack – A more sane way to monitor and build relationships with media
  • Ragan’s PR Daily – Great tips about public relations
  • ClicktoTweet – Insert a suggested Tweet in press releases, blog posts, and campaigns
  • QRStuff.com – QR codes aren’t as popular as forecast but this is the best tool for managing them
  • Bitly – URL shortener with tracking
  • Alltop – Monitor topics
  • Dashlane – Keep from going crazy in managing your passwords
  • W3Schools.com – To generate simple html codes
  • Notezilla – Quick notes and virtual post-its
  • Prezly – The only way to create a newsroom and share press releases (plus 99 other uses for creative folks like the Pando Public Relations team!)