By Aaron White
02/04/2024 – Electronic Health Reporter

Smart technology that manages workplace learning assignments like clinical rotations gives institutions many advantages; for example, InPlace Software handles every step of managing students’ clinical learning, from workplace matching and assigning students, to tracking and grading their performance, and collecting feedback from clinical supervisors. That’s a significant time saver.

There’s much more to gain, though. The software institutions use should do more than reduce paperwork and eliminate complicated manual scheduling methods for students’ workplace learning assignments: It should provide real-time feedback on how well students are applying the curriculum taught in classrooms. It should also provide essential data for determining whether the curriculum includes the knowledge and skills students need to succeed in the workplace. Furthermore, it should provide universities with data on how many students are completing their degrees and landing career jobs in their chosen field — a powerful tool for recruiting and funding efforts….Read Aaron’s piece in Electronic Health Reporter here.