Open Job Position: Public Relations Associate

Pando Public Relations specializes in public relations in K-12 and higher education with some work in the tech sector, particularly in IT training. We seek to fill a full time employee position at a rate to be determined based on qualifications and experience. Our company is virtual, with several staff located in the Sacramento, CA area and several on the East Coast. Our company mission is to do great work and to help individuals shine and grow both personally and professionally.

The ideal candidate will be able to operate with little supervision, meaning that once goals have been identified and tasks outlined for Pando PR’s clients, the PR associate will be free to make decisions and work toward those goals. We need a person who has good judgement and knows when they should check in but isn’t afraid to make a decision and move forward.

While having experience with education companies or in K-12 and/or higher education is a plus, it is not vital. Experience in working with technology companies and in the fast-paced world of privately funded, high-growth companies is required.

Pando PR was founded by a working mother so we welcome working parents and we offer flexibility to attend to the needs of your dependents. We do, however, expect the work to get done on time while exceeding our clients’ expectations. We require this candidate to have excellent writing skills. We need a person who is comfortable on social media, has a savvy sense of how to build relationships using social media and has good instincts in how to use social media to support our clients. We need someone who is creative and unafraid to try new angles or reach out to reporters, freelance writers, and influencers. We need a constant innovator who can execute a tactical plan with fearless tenacity.

A Typical Work Week

  1. One or two weekly meetings with the Pando PR team to discuss strategy and projects
  2. One weekly client meetings (for 2-3 clients)
  3. Daily pitching of articles, bylines and commentaries
  4. Oversee our freelance writers including editing their drafts
  5. About 30-60 minutes per day of social media work like sharing articles, commenting on stories and posts, and generally looking for opportunities for our clients
  6. About 30-60 minutes per day of busy work keeping track of projects
  7. Daily review of articles and media searches – Note that our agency does not send out “spray-and-pray” pitches and press releases. We cultivate media contacts for weeks, months, or however long it takes to then come back with a great story opportunity
  8. Daily work to reach teachers and faculty and get them connected with our freelance writers. Sometimes this process can be maddingly slow because teachers and college faculty who are notoriously difficult to reach.
  9. Additional work as required to create opportunities and work with clients

Work Responsibilities

  1. Support the principal team members who develop strategy for our client accounts, then take over as the tactical lead 
  2. Contribute creative ideas
  3. Meet weekly with clients and keep up with projects and reporting
  4. Monitor the progress of our freelance writers to keep projects on track
  5. Use social platforms to boost visibility opportunities for clients
  6. Follow through with interviewees and freelance writers to secure approvals and edits
  7. Research media outlets and reporters to find places to pitch stories or place bylines
  8. Of added benefit: Have established relationships with with reporters covering technology, entrepreneurship, education or workforce/training

Requirements to Apply

  1. Possess a 4-year degree in public relations, journalism or a related field, OR have advanced certification from a public relations training program combined with related job experience
  2. Have experience with pitching stories and managing positive relationships with the media
  3. Have superb writing skills and be able to differentiate between technical mumbo jumbo and narrative writing that captures attention and paints a picture 
  4. Be able to discern passive from active voice and be able to shift another person’s writing into the active voice
  5. Understand good headlines and how to write them
  6. Possess a creative mindset which includes pushing the envelope while looking at challenges as opportunities, not as obstacles
  7. Be comfortable with Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Meet and Calendar. Know how to use social media posting platforms like HootSuite (or be very comfortable figuring out how to use them)
  8. Know how to use research tools like MuckRack and other web-based tools that you may never have seen before but are not afraid to dig into 
  9. Although this job does not require graphic arts skills, having basic experience in layout or graphics is a bonus
  10. Be willing to immerse yourself in our clients’ industry sectors, which are K-12 and higher education, training, and soon, adjacent technology sectors
  11. Have the ability to accept fluctuations in workload, which could mean a lighter load one week but a heavier load the next week
  12. Possess “Diplomatic Tenacity” or the ability to push a project through by using good time management
  13. Able to make strategically sound decisions, being self-directed and confident so that projects don’t get bogged down
  14. Have excellent time management skills and an instinct for when an email needs to be sent and when it doesn’t, or when a reply is needed or who needs to be notified on projects. In other words, we look for people who can save time, not create busy work.
  15. Preference will be given to candidates residing within a two-hour drive of Sacramento, CA however we are more interested in finding the right candidate so those located outside of this region are encouraged to apply (and will not need to relocate).

Compensation: $60,000 to $85,000/year depending on experience and qualifications

To Apply: Send your resume along with two writing samples (one long-form and one short-form such as a LinkedIn post or blog post), and a list of your best 3-5 media placements to Candidates in the final round will be asked for 2 references.


Our benefits package does not yet include health insurance benefits but we do offer the following in our compensation package:

  • Generous PTO/Vacation package
  • Flexible work-from-home schedule able to accommodate family and care-giving responsibilities
  • Monthly stipend for mobile phone and Internet
  • Annual bonuses based on performance
  • Annual stipend for training and education
  • Annual stipend in support of a healthy lifestyle that may be applied to a health club membership, exercise classes, sporting equipment or similar
  • Annual contribution to employee retirement plan