05/21/2023 – Authority Magazine

What advice would you offer to other leaders who are struggling to have their messages heard and actioned?

It’s important to ensure that your vision and goals are clear, concise, and shared. Every time you communicate with your team, always refer back to your end goal and how the action items align with your vision and goals. Additionally, it is easy to call out the mistakes or mishaps individuals make, but what’s most important is highlighting those individuals who are exhibiting the desired behaviors. Giving team members positive reinforcement and kudos is connected to holding someone accountable.

Too often we think of accountability as a negative term. But when a team member follows through on a task or objective, they deserve praise. Even baby steps should be recognized. When you highlight and give recognition and praise for small efforts, it will reinforce what you want to see and drive the behaviors to help get there….Read the entire interview with Julie Campos on Authority Magazine here.