By Al Kingsley
06/23/2022 – edCiruit

“Students spend a significant amount of time outside of formal learning ecosystems engaging with outside content and with each other, creating and sharing data. Furthermore, they interact with people and data outside of learning platforms far more often than they do within our learning platforms. We know all too well that these socially minded platforms and systems are not nearly as secure as those created for school use.

There’s nothing we can do about that. We can’t be responsible for the time students spend outside of our reach, however, that answer is not good enough. If we care about educating and protecting students – as all of us educators and education technologists do – it’s not good enough to make sure our heat is working and yet send students out into the cold without a coat.

I’m of the view that educating about digital security is just as vital as digital security itself. As an industry, we need to educate just as much as we develop. In other words, we need systems and experiences that teach while teaching.”… Read Al Kingsley’s edCircuit piece here.