By Chris Beauchamp
10/10/2023 – Learning Guild

Failing an exam may prevent someone from advancing in their career as a physician, chiropractor, engineer, pharmacist, financial planner, or network administrator. The same is true for other careers as well. Consequently, skipping steps in development and validation puts the testing body at extreme risk, not to mention consequences to individuals when exams are biased or fail to accurately measure competence.

A common benchmark for exam validity is an exam’s “defensibility,” meaning that results would stand up to a legal challenge. Meazure Learning designs, validates, and deploys these kinds of high-stakes credentialing assessments, and has published seven detailed white papers about creating highly valid, reliable, and defensible exams. I’ll briefly touch on the seven stages here, but for more information download the seven papers here…. Read about the seven stages here on The Learning Guild.