11/03/2020 on San Francisco Chronicle

…In the three months after March 15, when the pandemic triggered campuses across the country to move online, ProctorU verified 57,597 cheating incidents — 8.12% of suspicious cases.

To many universities and ethicists, that’s a cause for concern. Students Googling answers on tests have an unfair advantage over students who don’t do it. And the same behavior by, say, medical students or apprentice pilots has even deeper consequences, potentially placing others in jeopardy, ethicists say.

As the surging pandemic keeps classes and exams mainly online, much is at stake. But the pandemic has also energized campuses to talk more openly than ever about how to inspire academic integrity — even more so than during the recent rise of a global industry of crooks that has made it easy and cheap for students to hire online phantoms to do their work for them… Read full article here.