Education Week publishes another excellent article about federal funding. My thought in the first few paragraphs was, there goes California’s chances… Lo and behold, who is expected to be left out? California and New York.

Education Week: Rich Prize, Restrictive Guidelines

Since school has started and my second grader is crammed into a very full class, I would sure like to see some extra monies come our way to help out. Yet, I expect that even extra money wouldn’t solve the current problems. A father on my son’s soccer team is ready to pull his son out of school altogether because he was placed in a first/second grade combination class with the same teacher he had for first grade last year. He launched off in a tirade about the district’s incompetence. I shook my head sadly…he has no idea that the problem is so complex. He is only blaming the one “entity” he sees in front of him, our little school.

I subtly suggested to him that a good way to help might be to volunteer in class a few hours a month. Can you guess what look he gave me? …on second thought, maybe he shouldn’t be in a classroom…