By Yitzi Weiner
05/08/2023 – Authority Magazine

Can you identify the 5 key areas of the US education system that should be prioritized for improvement? Can you explain why those are so critical?

The biggest opportunities in the U.S. education system are in the areas that are already doing well. If more time, resources, and ideas could be directed towards what is working then there would be many parts of the education experience that could go from good to great.

One example mentioned already is making improvements in inclusive tools while removing barriers so that access is seamless and ubiquitous. Educators tell us they need inclusive accommodations for each one of their students. They are looking to support specific students but finding the right support can be difficult.

Parents echo this sentiment. We find that parents discover ReadSpeaker through their own efforts because their child is left out of the full learning experience. That could be assistance learning in a foreign language or being able to hear text out loud while reading it….Read the rest of his answer along with the entire interview here.