Leading K-12 education technology company commits to new integration, streamlining data entry and saving time for thousands of educators

NEW YORK, March 2, 2016 – Schoology, the education technology company that puts collaboration at the heart of the learning experience, today announced that it will not only support the IMS OneRoster standard, but also establish the first OneRoster integration with Infinite Campus. The integration will allow for seamless and safe syncing between the platforms.

“Integrating with Infinite Campus has been one of the biggest asks coming from our customers over the past few years. With the new OneRoster API, we’re committed to making this request a reality,” said Jeremy Friedman, co-founder and CEO of Schoology. “By integrating the two platforms, our customers are gaining the ability to streamline much of their work, saving them valuable time by dramatically cutting back on duplicate administrative work. With this time saved, teachers can put their efforts back into the classroom working with their students where it matters most.”

Details on the future integrations are as follows:

IMS OneRoster: The IMS OneRoster API is a subset of the broader Learning Information Services (LIS) standard. By conforming to the LIS and OneRoster specification, vendors such as student information systems can provide a lightweight mechanism for integrating with third-party vendors, such as a learning management system (LMS). Integrations can be as basic as one-way provisioning, or as advanced as bi-directional integration of grades. With Schoology’s adoption of the OneRoster standard, a turn-key integration can exist with any student information system (SIS) that implements the standard.

Infinite Campus: Working with Infinite Campus, Schoology will enable its educators to have streamlined access to critical information. The recent launch of the OneRoster API allows Schoology to access and provision all data related to an implementation (buildings, courses, rosters, users, etc). The API has also been extended to allow grades to be passed back to the SIS from the LMS. This means educators will no longer need to manually access and enter this data from LMS to SIS, but instead will have a consistently connected platform enabling a more streamlined teaching process and increased accuracy between platforms.

“We are excited to see Schoology commit to integrating with Infinite Campus because we know that a strong integration between the systems will save our teachers time and will ensure the consistency of roster and grade data between our systems,” said Eduardo Carneiro, applications engineering manager at Palo Alto Unified School District. “This integration will eliminate the need to enter final grades in both the systems or make updates in both systems throughout the year even when teachers switch sections or new students join a class.”

Schoology is continuously working to make its education cloud the most inclusive learning management system. To learn more about Schoology integrations, see https://www.schoology.com/k-12/interoperability.

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Summary: Schoology announced integration with IMS OneRoster and Infinite Campus. Bi-directional integration, seamless syncing of data for schools.
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