By Amit Chowdhry
09/28/2023 – Pulse 2.0

Formation Of Swing Education

How did the idea for Swing come together? Teng shared:

“What I began to really understand about teachers is that they planned their lives and vacations and doctor appointments around when their favorite substitute teachers were available. They planned everything around that, which was both rewarding to understand that subs were so valued but also a little alarming to realize that so much hinged on that teacher staying well. It seemed there was a better way to manage this process.

“When I first got the idea for Swing, I called two of my friends from high school, people who I knew had talent and drive, who I enjoyed being with. I also knew they wanted to do meaningful work. All of us had gone to different universities and were pursuing other careers but it just felt right to bring us all together in this effort. It’s been incredibly rewarding getting to work on such an important problem in an absolutely critical industry with such talented and great friends.”….Read the rest of Mike Teng’s interview in Pulse 2.0 here.