MedCerts Combines Conversational AI, Generative AI and Natural Language Processing for a Revolutionary New AI Addition to Online Health Care Training

By Mike Allen
11/09/2023 – Training Industry

MedCerts has launched its first Conversational AI /Generative AI healthcare training programs available on the market today. A subsidiary […]

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Believing the Hope, Not the Hype, of AI

By Kevin Hogan
09/22/2023 – eSchool News

Turnitin has been working in AI since before it was cool—25 years […]

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One piece at a time: Turnitin develops interactive AI writing puzzle

09/21/2023 – Edtech Chronicle

However, by viewing AI writing in education through the lens of just one puzzle piece – identifying AI writing in students’ submissions – institutions […]

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AI forces how we define the lifespan of technology

By Al Kingsley
09/21/2023 – Tech Bullion

Organizations therefore need leaders who have vision, who aren’t afraid of uncertainty, who can recognize new potential and understand that the tech […]

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AI Can Teach Students a Powerful Lesson About the Truth

By Rachna Nath
09/07/2023 – Education Week 

After the release of ChatGPT last November, the education world was taken by a wave of uneasiness and doubt. I realized […]

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Turnitin AI Detection Rates: 3.3% of 65M Papers Reviewed Were Flagged as Majority AI Writing

By Kristal Kuykendall
07/25/2023 – Campus Technology

Of the more than 65 million student papers reviewed for AI writing by Turnitin’s detection tool since April, more than […]

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Turnitin says one in 10 university essays are partly AI-written

By Tom Williams
07/25/2023 – Times Higher Education

One in 10 essays checked by Turnitin’s new detection software has been found to contain substantial amounts of writing likely to have been generated […]

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Turnitin Adds AI Detection Capabilities to Popular Anti-Plagiarism Platform

While technology is behind […]

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Artificial Intelligence Detection in Schools

04/05/2023 – ABC7 News

We’ve seen more debate over the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence in schools, but one company has unveiled a new way […]

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Despite Concerns, Educators See Artificial Intelligence As A Classroom Tool

By Chris Schulz
04/10/2023 – WV Public Broadcasting

Despite the promise of AI writing if used correctly, the potential for abuse remains. Applications like Turnitin don’t determine student misconduct. That job […]

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How AI-Detection Tool Lets Educators and Businesses Connect Discovery With Actions

By David Weldon
04/13/2023 – EdTech Review

AI to AI-Detection: Catch me if you can

The goal of the Turnitin AI-detection capability is not to “catch” or “punish” […]

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