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Turnitin Introduces iThenticate 2.0 and a New Similarity Report

By Kate Lucariello
11/15/2023 – Campus Technology

Academic integrity solutions company Turnitin has announced its iThenticate 2.0 program, along with a redesigned and improved Similarity Report, available […]

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5 key strategies for teaching in the era of ChatGPT

By Patti West-Smith
09/08/2023 – eCampus News

Since the release of ChatGPT last […]

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Turnitin AI Detection Rates: 3.3% of 65M Papers Reviewed Were Flagged as Majority AI Writing

By Kristal Kuykendall
07/25/2023 – Campus Technology

Of the more than 65 million student papers reviewed for AI writing by Turnitin’s detection tool since April, more than […]

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Students, faculty adopting generative AI at different rates

By Laura Ascione
07/26/2023 – eCampus News

Students and faculty report drastically different rates of AI adoption, with students […]

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Effective SEL instruction isn’t possible without this key element

By George Hanshaw
07/13/2023 – eCampus News

SEL is the process by which students learn the skills they need to understand and manage their emotions, set and achieve […]

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How to cut grading time without Scantrons (and with a little AI)

By Perry Donham
07/04/2023 – eCampus News

The new tool, Gradescope from Turnitin, […]

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