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5 strategies to reduce teacher stress and improve retention

By Al Kingsley
11/06/2023 – eSchool News

Teaching has always been a stressful profession, but since the pandemic it has become even more so. Nearly three […]

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New Program Gives High School Students Training and Job Placement in an Allied Healthcare Career

10/23/2023 – eSchool News

After a comprehensive and successful two-year pilot with more than 900 students,  MedCerts has launched a training program for high school students to […]

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Believing the Hope, Not the Hype, of AI

By Kevin Hogan
09/22/2023 – eSchool News

Turnitin has been working in AI since before it was cool—25 years […]

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This key strategy can help boost teacher well-being immediately

By Mike Teng
07/14/2023 – eSchool News 

Improving teacher wellness is a complex challenge, and solving it will require a systemic approach that includes making widespread changes to improve […]

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Swing Education Surpasses One Million Hours of Classroom Substitute Teaching

05/11/2023 – eSchool News

Substitute teachers sourced via  Swing Education, a tech-enabled staffing marketplace that matches schools with qualified substitute teachers,  have filled more than one million hours of […]

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‘Digital skills gap’ threatens innovation

By Dennis Pierce
05/30/2022 – eSchool News

“The skills required for success in the new economy were already changing. Now, COVID has sped up these changes dramatically.

As researchers warn […]

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Don’t forget social, emotional health for district IT staff

By Al Kingsley
05/03/2022 – eSchool News 

“During all the tumult of the last two years of schooling, from remote to hybrid to masked in-person, educators prioritized the social […]

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5 edtech opportunities that will emerge in 2022

By Al Kingsley
02/10/2022 – eSchool News

“Kuato is an edtech gaming company that surveyed 1,000 parents and 600 teachers in the U.K. and the U.S about […]

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