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738: Redefining Assessment in an AI Age – with Annie Chechitelli, Chief Product Officer at Turnitin

11/07/2023 – EdUP Experience

Why & how should higher education redefine assessment in an AI age?

How has Turnitin evolved from its inception to the fast changing technology environment we […]

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The Nicest Guy in Ed-Tech – Al Kingsley

11/08/2023 – Slow-Smoked Business with Jarrod Morgan

On this week’s Slow Smoked Business, Jarrod is joined by Al Kingsley, the nicest guy in education technology, to discuss how […]

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Episode 242: The Swing Education Approach to Subbing

10/20/2023 – My Edtech Life

I am excited to welcome Mike Teng, the visionary behind Swing Education, as our special guest tonight. I’m […]

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Pathways to Becoming and Helping a Teacher: #143

08/09/2023 – Teacher Rockstar Podcast 

Mike Teng is the CEO and co-founder of Swing Education, a tech-enabled marketplace matching substitute teachers with schools in need. Before […]

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Rafael Castañeda On Institutions Supporting Workforce Development

08/01/2023 – Higher Ed Geek

As we come back from summer break, we’re pleased to welcome Rafael to the show! Rafael is SVP Strategic Partnerships & Workforce Development […]

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Episode 214: Transforming Education: A Mission for Universal Accessibility

08/02/2023 – My Edtech Life 

Join us as we explore Ginger’s incredible journey from the classroom to the forefront of educational technology, and discover the power of merging […]

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Chat with Paul Stisser, the Director of Educational Institutions and LMS Partnerships for ReadSpeaker

06/06/2023 – THRIVEinEDU

I had a great conversation with Paul Stisser, the Director of Educational Institutions and LMS Par0tnerships for ReadSpeaker. Paul has been a leader in ReadSpeaker’s […]

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THRIVEinEDU by Rachelle Dené Poth Podcast: Chat with Mike Teng, Co-Founder and CEO of Swing Education @SwingEdu

05/24/2023 – THRIVEinEDU

Enjoyed my conversation with Mike Teng, Co-Founder and CEO of Swing Education. Swing Education enables schools to post their substitute job openings and substitute teachers can then pick […]

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Edtech Insiders Podcast: Al Kingsley, Edtech Shared

05/29/2023 – Edtech Insiders

Al Kingsley has over 30 years’ experience in educational technology and digital safeguarding…Listen to the entire Edtech Insiders […]

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Text To Speech Learning Tools

03/10/2023 – Tests and the rest podcast

When students have choices on how to access instructional material, they often engage and learn at a higher level. Anyone who runs closed captions […]

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Tracking Student Community Service

05/17/2022 – Tests and the Rest Podcast

“What are five things you will learn in this episode?

  1. Why is community service important for students?
  2. What is the importance […]
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Thrive o’Clock w/ Rachelle & Mel w/guest Michele Pitman, CEO @x2VOL

4/1/2022 – Thrive O’clock

Michele Pitman of x2VOL discusses service learning in schools on Thrive O’clock. Listen to the entire podcast episode from Thrive O’clock here.

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Skills Unlock the Future with Al Kingsley Cybertraps 116

03/10/2022 – Cybertraps Podcast

Al Kingsley is CEO of NetSupport and also serves as the Chair of two Multi Academy Trusts and a local School Governors’ Leadership Group […]

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Inspired By Bringing Creations to Life and Seeing People Benefit From Them with Executive Robert Ratway | Ep 448

02/03/2022 on Coruzant Technologies Podcast

“Robert Ratway is a Sr. Director of Higher Education Solutions at Modo Labs. Rob has worked with PeopleSoft technology for more than two […]

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Protecting Students in a Digital World – SULS0143

02/01/2022 – Shake Up Learning

“In this episode, Kasey chats with noted education technology author, podcast host, and edtech CEO, Al Kingsley. Kasey and Al […]

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Invaluable Life Lesson: Surrounding Yourself with Great People for Career Growth with Founder Jarrod Morgan | Ep 441

01/25/2022 on Coruzant Technologies

“Jarrod Morgan is the Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Meazure Learning, the parent company of ProctorU. Jarrod has been a leader in the […]

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EduTech Guys – FETC 2022 – Al Kingsley

01/26/2022 – EduTech Guys

“Al Kingsley, CEO of NetSupport, interview with EduTech Guys at FETC 2022.”… Listen to EduTech Guys podcast episode here.

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