The high cost of project management immaturity

By Marilyn de Villiers
07/25/2019 on itWeb

….Those were some of the findings to emerge from a study of US-based , government and healthcare organisations that was undertaken this year by project management company TeamDynamix on behalf of The research and publication of the White Paper based on its findings was endorsed by the international Project Management Institute (PMI)….Read full article here.

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Report: Education Leads Way in IT Service Management Maturity Steps

By Matthew Lynch
05/20/2019 on Edvocate

The research from HDI, commissioned by TeamDynamix, found that despite resource constraints, education IT staff, along with information technology staffers in government and healthcare continue to lead the way in knowledge management, process controls, and other steps towards what is called “maturity” with respect to IT service management…Read full article here.

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IT Service Maturity Relies on Stellar Self-Service Portals

By Andrew Graf
05/13/2019 on GovLoop

…Are you prepared to take on the onslaught of new projects that will kick up in light of the rapid expansion of tech spend? It is best to keep IT service management and project management together on one platform….Read full article here.

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The Right Projects Done on Time: Seven Steps to Successful IT Governance

By Jeff Toaddy in EDUCAUSE Review
April 19, 2019

Effective processes to evaluate and track projects are essential for building a trusted partnership between IT and client departments.

Read the full article here.

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TeamDynamix provides a single platform for IT Service Management

04/10/2019 on Help Net Security
…This new service will work with the core asset management functionality within the TDX platform to offer a complete, up-to-date view of assets across the enterprise… Read full article here.

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This underused strategy can make higher ed IT departments more efficient

By Andrew Graf
02/01/2019 on EdScoop

….Yet, when we asked whether respondents had a simple way to conduct resource capacity planning, only one in four (23 percent) said yes. This represents a huge opportunity for technology to help make campus IT departments more efficient…Read full article here.

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How Tallahassee Community College repurposed its educational technology to boost student success

By Bret Ingerman
02/06/2019 on e-Campus News

…Choosing flexible, adaptable solutions such as Workday and TDX has allowed us to do more with less—delivering exceptional service to students, faculty, and staff despite our budget constraints. Read full article here.

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To Boost Project Success Rate, Start at the Beginning

By Andrew Graff
01/14/2019 on GovLoop

…Effective project intake requires a clear set of criteria for evaluating proposals, a process for doing so, and tools that can help measure value. Here’s a closer look at each of these three key elements…Read full article here.

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Data is the lifeblood of Michigan State University’s ‘digital nervous system’

By Michael Dawisha
10/11/2018 on EdScoop

…We also use a service management platform from TeamDynamix (TDX) that makes it easier for people from multiple campus departments to communicate with each other and track the status of projects, so that everyone is on the same page…Read full article here.

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Four Keys to a Modern IT Approach in K-12 Schools

By Andrew Graf
10/02/2018 on Education Week

…Here are four ways that school district IT departments can adopt a more mature and modern approach that will allow them to be more successful, despite having limited resources….Read full article here.

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Early-Alert Systems Seen as Mixed Bag

By Lindsay McKenzie
09/11/2018 on Inside Higher Ed

“…The Florida college modified its IT help desk system last year to keep track of alerts. The platform, called TeamDynamix, allows faculty members to create a work order that tells staff in advising or the financial aid office that a student needs help….” Read full article here.

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Integrating IT Support and Project Management

By Mehran Basiratmand
08/29/2018 on Edvocate

…But TDX is designed to handle IT support and project management, so we can use the same platform to deliver both types of services…Read full article here.

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Three key lessons K-12 can learn from higher ed IT leaders

By Andrew Graf
08/20/2018 on Edscoop

…But as K-12 is increasingly focused on “future ready” initiatives and preparation for higher ed learning, there are IT lessons to be learned from higher education…Read full article here.

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Campus IT can be a path to one-stop service centers

By Ray Lefebvre
07/02/2018 on EdScoop

…Fundamental to our creation of a centralized IT service center is the TDX platform from TeamDynamix, which combines IT and enterprise service management with project portfolio management….Read full article here.


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Stopping The Ping Pong Effect: Improving Service across Campus for Students, Faculty and Staff

By Rhonda Spells-Fentry
05/2018 on Education Technology Insights

…To do this, PGCC has invested in TeamDynamix, a service management platform with integrated project portfolio management. The technology encompasses a broad range of needs from ticketing to problem and incident management, change management, asset tracking and project portfolio management all on one platform…Read full article here.



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