Schools Fight Websites That Sell Homework Help

By Tawnell D. Hobbs
08/12/2019 on Wall Street Journal

As the school year starts off, colleges and high schools are increasing steps to spot and fight a persistent form of cheating in which students find someone online to do their homework…Read full article here.

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AI In Education Use Case #7: Gradescope

By Sam Mire
07/10/2019 on Disruptor Daily

…In this interview, we speak with Arjun Singh, who served as CEO and co-founder of Gradescope prior to its acquisition by Turnitin. He now serves as the Vice President of STEM products and technologies at Turnitin.  He helps us to understand how his company is using AI to transform education, and what the future of the education industry holds…Read full article here.

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Turnitin Partnership Adds Plagiarism Checking to College Admissions

By Rhea Kelly
06/26/2019 on Campus Technology

Academic integrity solution provider Turnitin has partnered with admissions platform Kira Talent to offer a plagiarism checking solution for admissions applications…Read full article here.

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Turnitin Adds Open Access Research to Text Misuse Checking

By Dian Schaffhauser
06/10/2019 on Campus Technology

…In a partnership with CORE, which aggregates and layers access tools on top of its growing collection of research papers, Turnitin’s proprietary web crawler will search through CORE’s database — some 135 million metadata records from more than 3,700 data providers — to check for text similarity…Read full article here.

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How to prevent plagiarism and other forms of cheating

By: Matt Zalaznick
05/07/2019 University Business

…The company’s more recently released Authorship Investigate platform was specially designed to identify contract cheating….Read full article here.

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Millions of students are buying ‘plagiarism-free’ essays for as little as $13 — and it’s nearly impossible for teachers to prove

05/10/2019 on Business Insider

…It’s harder for teachers to detect contract cheating than other forms of cheating, such as plagiarism. So Turnitin has updated its software to help identify signs that students purchased their assignments…Read full article here.


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How Students May Be Cheating Their Way Through College

By Tovia Smith
04/08/2019 on NPR

…Concern is growing at the nation’s colleges and universities about a burgeoning online market, where students can buy ghost-written essays. Schools are trying new tools to catch it… Read full article here.

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Advance Publications buys Oakland-based online plagiarism detector Turnitin for $1.75 billion

By Dawn Kawamoto
03/08/2019 on San Francisco Business Times

…The purchase of Turnitin, an online grading and anti-plagiarism company, will give Advance Publications an educational technology (edtech) presence…Read full article here.

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Turnitin to Be Acquired by Advance Publications for $1.75B

By Sydney Johnson
03/06/2019 on Edsurge

….Turnitin, an Oakland, Calif.-based developer of software that uses artificial intelligence to scan students’ writing and code assignments to check for plagiarism, will be acquired by Advance Publications, a media conglomerate that also owns Condé Nast. The deal, which The Wall Street Journal estimated is worth nearly $1.75 billion, is expected to close in the second quarter of 2019…Read full article here.

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Do students understand academic integrity?

By: Gina Londino-Smolar
01/22/2019 on SmartBrief

…Many students I teach–from freshman to graduate students–think that academic misconduct only includes plagiarism or cheating. They don’t realize that it also includes falsification, fabrication, interference and violating course rules…Read full article here.

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Cheating university students face FBI-style crackdown

12/14/2018 on BBC

…”How you write for economics can be vastly different from English literature – that’s OK. But if within a genre and within a reasonable amount of time we start to see differences, that’s when we flag something.”…Read full article here.

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How College Faculty Can Beat the Cheat

By Tina Nazerian
11/20/2018 on EdSurge

…There are tools and services that can help instructors catch cheating on assignments, such as Turnitin for writing. For exams, faculty can use testing centers or remote proctoring…Read full article here.

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15% of students admit to buying essays. What can universities do about it?

By Jedidiah Evans
10/2018 on The Conversation

…In February this year, Turnitin announced plans to crack down on contract cheating. Its proposed solution, authorship investigation, hopes to automate a process familiar to any human marker: detecting major shifts in individual students’ writing style that may point to help from a third party…Read full article here.

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Turnitin Acquires AI-Assisted Grading Startup, Gradescope

10/03/2018 on EdSurge

Turnitin, the company best known for its plagiarism-detection tools, has acquired Berkeley, Calif.-based Gradescope, a developer of AI-assisted grading technology…Read full article here.

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Turnitin Acquires Gradescope, Expands Grading and Assessment Solutions for Higher Education

10/03/2018 on Global and Banking Finance Review

… Under the Turnitin umbrella, Gradescopes tools combine this commitment to authenticity with efficient, unbiased, and consistent evaluations for any assignment type, including paper-based problem sets, computer code, and engineering diagrams…Read full article here.

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