As a member of the Public Relations Society of America, I receive an excellent newsletter, Tactics. If you are even remotely connected to PR or marketing, you should belong to this association if only to have a subscription to its two monthly publications.

An article this month is about the key words that will increase the pass-along rate for tweets. A summary is linked here.

The key point is not to focus on yourself. Use key words like: retweet (duh!), post, blog, social, FREE, media, help, great, 10, follow, how to, top, check out. The losers? game, going, haha, lol, work, home, sleep, gonna, hey, tired, bored, and a few others.

Gee, seems like the difference between professionalism and egotism.

If you would like to see the entire article, send me a message or email. Or better yet, join PRSA!