By: Fred Weiss
06/09/2021 on University Business

These data points come from different departments of the university but when combined, indicates a risk that we can not only pinpoint early, but we can know what types of interventions are most likely to work. Not only can we know which intervention —tutors, remediation, reminders, financial supports, mental health intervention—we can also know how best to deliver those resources—text message, call, personal meetings— because of multiple data points from throughout an institution.

This is not the future of data, this is now. All of this and more is knowable and actionable today, in nearly every school in the country.

We don’t need to collect a single byte more. You can always collect more, but now is not the time. Instead, proactively manage and use what you already have.

To be more helpful, the following are five steps institutions can take to make positive, life-changing decisions with the data resources they already have…Read full article here.