Jennifer Harrison, APR
Jennifer Harrison, APRFounder & CEO
Jennifer has worked in education technology since the early days when teachers were first learning how to use PowerPoint in the classroom. Back then she drove the highways of California in a modified bus stocked with hardware and software from dozens of companies. That’s where she learned the ins and outs of education and gained first-hand experience in working with teachers. From there, she took over as public relations manager for PowerSchool, which was a darling of its time and has since grown to be one of the leading student information systems in K-12 education.

In 2001, Jennifer launched her consulting business beginning with early clients like Holt McDougal and Scantron. She developed a secondary specialty helping government agencies engage public outreach for municipal water and wastewater projects. Her company has grown to be the full-service agency now providing public relations for education technology companies and public education/outreach for municipal projects.

She holds a B.S. in animal science and reproductive physiology from the University of California, Davis and a M.A. in public affairs and issues management from California State University, Sacramento. The Public Relations Society of America honored her with advanced credentialing in public relations, Accreditation in Public Relations (APR).

Meet our team

Bob Bretz
Bob BretzGraphic Design
Bob has been a graphic artist for 25 years. He is also trained in the fine arts giving him a rich and varied style. A former creative director from one of the largest textbook publishers, Bob is uniquely suited to producing graphics that resonate with the education market. He also has extensive experience with the environmental, engineering, manufacturing, medical, and political markets.
Renee Deinken
Renee DeinkenWeb Developer
Renee takes ideas and gives them life on the web. Equally comfortable with simple html or complicated backend databases, she is fast, competent and brings smart decisions into the web planning process. Renee works extensively with website accessibility for ADA and Section 508 compliance for public agencies and private entities.
Dennis Pierce
Dennis PierceWriter
Dennis is the former managing editor of eSchoolNews where he worked for 17 years. Dennis has recently started freelancing adding another excellent writer to our team. Dennis has the unique insight to see the big picture coupled with having been a long-time media gatekeeper. In addition to writing, Dennis is available tor managing and developing content for company campaigns both big and small.
Alyssa Reynolds
Alyssa ReynoldsSocial Media and Media Relations, Specialist
Alyssa is an expert in social media and social listening. She keeps tabs on our media targets and has an innate ability to surface news angles and media prospects for our pitches. She is also an expert in podcast production for our clients, from securing guests to the pre- and post-promotion activities. She is also the lead contact with most of the podcasters and influencers we work with.
Our Team of Freelance WritersContent Development
We work with several freelance writers to craft content for our clients. These writers have been successful placing articles in The74, The Huffington Post, Forbes, eSchoolNews, EdTech Digest, The Edvocate, GettingSmart, TeachThought, and more. Our freelancers are also adept at helping our clients craft and place opinion pieces and commentary in daily publications and other online media sites.