By Amy Dell
02/19/2021 on Teach Thought

…Whatever we think they can or can’t achieve becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and this applies universally. Some students just need to hear someone say, “I believe in you. You are capable.” Whether a teacher is positive or negative, subtle or direct, students pick up on encouragement or discouragement by our body language, tone of voice, or how we address one student or group of students differently. They will rise up to any challenge, or step down to any demoralization.

A teacher’s most important duty is to be aware of this power in their hands and use it to empower their students. I’ve taught middle and high school, history, Spanish, and psychology, in-person and virtual, but my goal is to always show students they are capable of more. Here are 10 ways I empower my students to become more independent in the classroom…Read full article here.