By Perry Donham
07/04/2023 – eCampus News

The new tool, Gradescope from Turnitin, handles both styles simply and efficiently. For the intro course, the weekly quizzes are now online in Gradescope, where they are graded automatically through a pre-set rubric. Time limits and deadlines are enforced by Gradescope. Labs are also submitted and graded in Gradescope, and while these are still graded manually, doing the work in Gradescope means that my graders can do them in batches, viewing scores of submissions side-by-side where they can quickly marked.

The big win in this large intro course is the use of Gradescope’s Bubble Sheet feature for the midterm and final exams. This is the old Scantron™ system in which students mark their answers in a multiple-choice exam by coloring in a small circle. When I first began teaching this technology was relatively common, but by 2010 it was nearly impossible to find someone who had a Scantron™ machine to read the papers, and when you did find them there was often a long delay in scanning….Read full article about on eCampus News here.