By Eric Wang
07/11/2022 – GettingSmart 

AI is the best – and often the only – tool to automate away the repetitive simple tasks, which is why I strongly believe in the power and efficiency that it can deliver for teachers. I have confidence that it will change education for the better. Though as I’ve written before, not yet. It’s unfortunate that the leaps forward we will make with AI will be, or should be, delayed. But automating the simple, recurring tasks that dominate our teachers’ days can make a big difference. In these areas, there’s little reason to burn more time or energy discussing. Where we can, we should move to planning and implementation quickly.

Programmers like to say that no one should ever do the same thing three times. Once, fine. Twice, alright. By the time you have to do that thing a third time, write a program. In education, that’s hyperbole; but it’s also pretty true.

Today, AI can do things such as catch grammar errors, ill-conceived transition statements, comment on use of passive voice, even auto-grade simple algebra and calculus questions.”…Read the entire Getting Smart article about inverting the teaching pyramid with AI here.