By Daniel Mollenkamp
12/21/2022 – EdSurge

But Alex’s story shows that a little human input can correct such issues, which raises the question many professors are wondering: Can plagiarism-detection tools catch these AI creations?

It turns out that the makers of TurnItIn, one of the most widely used plagiarism detection tools, aren’t breaking a sweat. “We’re very confident that—for the current generation of AI writing generation systems—detection is possible,” says Eric Wang, vice president of AI for the company.

Plagiarism is evolving, but it can still, in theory, be sussed out, he argues. That’s because unlike human writing, which tends to be idiosyncratic, machine writing is designed to use high-probability words, Wang says. It just lacks that human touch…Read the full EdSurge piece about if anti-plagiarism tools detecting AI Chatbots writing student essays here.