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It’s Time To Question How We’re Addressing the Teacher Shortage — New Edtech Can Help

By Mike Teng
08/04/2023- Edtech Digest

The current teacher shortage is a great example of what can happen when entrenched models of how schools should operate are unable to […]

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An Education Veteran’s Perspective: Protecting Students & Protecting Privacy

By Al Kingsley
August/September 2023 of Ace-Ed Issue of Equity & Access Magazine 

There’s a stark difference in how schools in the United States and the United Kingdom handle […]

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Rafael Castañeda On Institutions Supporting Workforce Development

08/01/2023 – Higher Ed Geek

As we come back from summer break, we’re pleased to welcome Rafael to the show! Rafael is SVP Strategic Partnerships & Workforce Development […]

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Episode 214: Transforming Education: A Mission for Universal Accessibility

08/02/2023 – My Edtech Life 

Join us as we explore Ginger’s incredible journey from the classroom to the forefront of educational technology, and discover the power of merging […]

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Turnitin AI Detection Rates: 3.3% of 65M Papers Reviewed Were Flagged as Majority AI Writing

By Kristal Kuykendall
07/25/2023 – Campus Technology

Of the more than 65 million student papers reviewed for AI writing by Turnitin’s detection tool since April, more than […]

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Turnitin says one in 10 university essays are partly AI-written

By Tom Williams
07/25/2023 – Times Higher Education

One in 10 essays checked by Turnitin’s new detection software has been found to contain substantial amounts of writing likely to have been generated […]

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Students, faculty adopting generative AI at different rates

By Laura Ascione
07/26/2023 – eCampus News

Students and faculty report drastically different rates of AI adoption, with students […]

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The Score Podcast – Episode 014 – Pete Van Dyke

07/24/2023 – The Score Podcast

In this episode, we’re expanding the purview to the integrity of industry certification exams. To discuss this, our guest is 

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Swing Education looks to change the way schools handle teacher shortages

By Andrew Mendez
07/21/2023 – Bay Area Inno

Editor’s note: As part of the Bay Area Inno Awards, the San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal […]

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Data scientist lends insight to education in the era of AI writing

By Eric Wang
07/18/2023 – SmartBrief

As far as I can tell, none of us were around for the invention of fire. But all of us today are living […]

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Generative AI Prompts for L&D Pros

By Lin Grensing-Pophal
07/18/2023 – HR Daily Advisor

MedCerts training programs, for example, had traditionally been scenario-based and fixed to data already existing in the […]

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This key strategy can help boost teacher well-being immediately

By Mike Teng
07/14/2023 – eSchool News 

Improving teacher wellness is a complex challenge, and solving it will require a systemic approach that includes making widespread changes to improve […]

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Effective SEL instruction isn’t possible without this key element

By George Hanshaw
07/13/2023 – eCampus News

SEL is the process by which students learn the skills they need to understand and manage their emotions, set and achieve […]

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Discussion of UCF’s Take the Zero Campaign on The Score Podcast

07/04/2023 – FE News

Episode 008 of the academic integrity podcast The Score features Jennifer Wright with the University of Central Florida. Wright helps facilitate […]

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4 reasons university and private training partnerships are accelerating

Being able […]
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How to cut grading time without Scantrons (and with a little AI)

By Perry Donham
07/04/2023 – eCampus News

The new tool, Gradescope from Turnitin, […]

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Not True That ChatGPT Can’t Be Accurately Detected

The Chronicle of Higher Education – Letter to Editor

Recently, a student article appeared in these pages which declared how easy it was for students to use AI-generated text such as […]

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Support Neurodivergent Learners With Text-To-Speech Tools

By Amy Foxwell
06/21/2023 – Training Industry

Here are some critical points that every training professional should be thinking about when determining how to meet the needs of people […]

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Coursera & MedCerts Partner to Offer Healthcare Courses to Global Learner Community

By Shalini Pathak
06/16/2023 – EdTech Review

MedCerts, the innovation leader in online healthcare and IT certification training and a subsidiary of […]

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The Case for Normalizing Accessibility Tools in Schools

Guest post by Paul Stisser
06/13/2023 – Rachelle Dene Poth

In schools today, about one in seven children receive special education services. But some children never receive the proper […]

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5 Tips to Help Employees Do Their Best in Proctored Certification Exams

06/12/2023 – Training Magazine
Taking an exam is usually stressful. There are ways, however, to help employees be better prepared and have less anxiety about […]
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Swing Education raises $38 million to mitigate teacher shortage

06/05/2023 – Impact Alpha 

Public schools are scrambling to hire teachers. Some 150,000 openings were unfilled across the US in February as teachers grapple with low pay, safety […]

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Chat with Paul Stisser, the Director of Educational Institutions and LMS Partnerships for ReadSpeaker

06/06/2023 – THRIVEinEDU

I had a great conversation with Paul Stisser, the Director of Educational Institutions and LMS Par0tnerships for ReadSpeaker. Paul has been a leader in ReadSpeaker’s […]

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Magic Pulled in $52M, Cortex Got $35M, and More Bay Area Tech News (Swing Education Mention)

By Cassidy Ritter
06/05/2023 – Built In SF


“We’re thrilled to have Apax Partners and Reach Capital as strategic investors. The need for substitute […]

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Students Flourish in the Spaces Between our Focus on the Core Curriculum

By Al Kingsley
06/05/2023 – The Learning Counsel

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Adam Mendler, host of the popular leadership podcast Thirty Minute Mentors. Adam […]

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Turnitin Adds AI Detection Capabilities to Popular Anti-Plagiarism Platform

While technology is behind […]

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K-12 Dealmaking: Substitute Teaching Startup Secures $38M; Amplify Raises Undisclosed Series C

By Michelle Caffrey
06/02/2023 –  Edweek Market Brief

Swing Education raised $38 million in a Series C round aimed at helping the company, which connects schools with […]

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San Francisco-Based Swing Education Raises $38M in Series C Funding

By Shalini Pathak
06/02/2023 – Edtech Review

Swing Education, an online staffing marketplace that connects substitute teachers with schools, announced that it has raised $38M in its Series C […]

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Swing Education Secures $38 Million in Series C Funding: A Revolutionary Solution to the Substitute Teacher Crisis

Angela Scott-Briggs
06/01/2023 – Tech Bullion

San Francisco-based Swing Education has made a groundbreaking 

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Designing for Inclusive Learning: 3 Text-to-Speech Strategies to Make Accessibility More Than an Add-On

By Amy Foxwell
05/30/2023 – Ace-Ed 

Meeting the needs of learners who need accommodations takes more than tacking a plug-in onto a website or LMS. Making content truly accessible […]

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The Key to Reducing Burnout in K-12 Schools? Supporting Substitute Teachers

By Mike Teng
05/30/2023 – Rachelle Dene Poth Blog

The challenge goes beyond the stress and anxiety of trying to find someone to fill a teacher’s spot for the […]

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THRIVEinEDU by Rachelle Dené Poth Podcast: Chat with Mike Teng, Co-Founder and CEO of Swing Education @SwingEdu

05/24/2023 – THRIVEinEDU

Enjoyed my conversation with Mike Teng, Co-Founder and CEO of Swing Education. Swing Education enables schools to post their substitute job openings and substitute teachers can then pick […]

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Edtech Insiders Podcast: Al Kingsley, Edtech Shared

05/29/2023 – Edtech Insiders

Al Kingsley has over 30 years’ experience in educational technology and digital safeguarding…Listen to the entire Edtech Insiders […]

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Can You Hear Me Now?: Julie Campos Of MedCerts On Five Strategies Leaders Use to Diminish Distractions & Win in the Attention Economy

05/21/2023 – Authority Magazine

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Insights with NetSupport Radio: Kailey Lefko of Educalme and Dean Shareski Interviews

05/10/2023  and 05/11/2023 – NetSupport Radio

Kailey Lefko, a Math and Science Teacher, Co-Founder at Educalme Inc and The Balanced Educator Podcast Co-Host, joined 

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Benefits of ReadSpeaker Digital Voice and Text-to-Speech Technologies

By Brian E. Thomas
05/15/2023 – Coruzant Technologies

An industry leader for these technologies is ReadSpeaker, a global voice specialist providing dozens of languages and […]

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Swing Education Surpasses One Million Hours of Classroom Substitute Teaching

05/11/2023 – eSchool News

Substitute teachers sourced via  Swing Education, a tech-enabled staffing marketplace that matches schools with qualified substitute teachers,  have filled more than one million hours of […]

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Matt Muldoon of ReadSpeaker: 5 Things That Should Be Done To Improve The US Educational System

By Yitzi Weiner
05/08/2023 – Authority Magazine

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15 Activities For Substitute Teachers

Contributed by Jacquelyn Carbo
05/04/2023 – TeachThought

Here are 15 classroom activities for substitute teachers every educator needs in their toolkit, organized by grade level. And, if you’re a […]

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Swing Education Surpasses One Million Hours of Classroom Substitute Teaching

05/08/2023 – Ace-Ed 

Substitute teachers sourced via Swing Education, a tech-enabled staffing marketplace that matches schools with qualified substitute teachers, have filled more than one million hours of […]

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Artificial Intelligence Detection in Schools

04/05/2023 – ABC7 News

We’ve seen more debate over the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence in schools, but one company has unveiled a new way […]

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Despite Concerns, Educators See Artificial Intelligence As A Classroom Tool

By Chris Schulz
04/10/2023 – WV Public Broadcasting

Despite the promise of AI writing if used correctly, the potential for abuse remains. Applications like Turnitin don’t determine student misconduct. That job […]

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Offering prior learning credits helps increase earning power

By Jonathan McCombs
05/04/2023 – SmartBrief

Then there are private training providers that offer career training programs directly aligned with the certification exams that validate a person’s knowledge and […]

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How I Added a New Role to My Already Full Military Mom Life

By Kassia Fielder
05/03/2023 – FE News

This idea came to me because during my high school years I worked in an assisted living facility. I loved getting to […]

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ReadSpeaker Becomes Text-to-Speech Certified Integration for Moodle Workplace

05/02/2023 – Training Industry

ReadSpeaker, the most trusted, independent and worldwide digital voice and text-to-speech provider announced that it is now a Certified Integration Partner […]

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ReadSpeaker TTS Integrates with Moodle Workplace

05/02/2023 – Speech Technology

ReadSpeaker, a digital voice and text-to-speech provider, is now a certified integration partner for Moodle Workplace, a learning management system.

With this partnership, employees going […]

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How ChatGPT can assist with network management

By: David Weldon
04/2023 – TechTarget

ChatGPT can help with troubleshooting, improve network segmentation and architecture design, and increase network performance, said Alberto Roldan, founder and owner […]

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4 Ethical Questions Generative AI Poses

By Dr. Eric Wang
04/18/2023 – Built In

One of the ways generative AI is like those big, transformative leaps is the ethical considerations and questions this technology […]

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Try Out ChatGPT Now: Because Your Students Already Know About It

By Al Kingsley
04/20/2023 – Canadian Teacher Magazine

Next is efficiency. In industry, we need people able to iterate on past successes. Programmers comb through existing code to improve […]

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Global ideas that show the power of an education servant leader

By Al Kingsley
04/18/2023 – SmartBrief 

When my children were young, my wife and I moved to a house in a neighborhood where a new secondary school was being […]

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