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Turnitin to Be Acquired by Advance Publications for $1.75B

By Sydney Johnson
03/06/2019 on Edsurge

….Turnitin, an Oakland, Calif.-based developer of software that uses artificial intelligence to scan students’ writing and code assignments to check for plagiarism, will be acquired by Advance Publications, a media conglomerate that also owns Condé Nast. The deal, which The Wall Street Journal estimated is worth nearly $1.75 billion, is expected to close in the second quarter of 2019…Read full article here.

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Advance Publications to Buy Plagiarism-Scanning Company Turnitin for Nearly $1.75 Billion

By Melissa Korn
03/06/2019 on Wall Street Journal

Advance Publications Inc. agreed to acquire Turnitin, the software company that allows teachers to check whether papers submitted by students have been plagiarized, for nearly $1.75 billion, according to people familiar with the matter…Read full article here.

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As ‘contract cheating’ spreads, Oakland company deploys new tools to detect it

02/23/2019 on San Francisco Chronicle

…To detect contract cheaters, Turnitin’s new tool assigns each paper a basic “readability” score. If the same student is doing the work, the score should be similar…Read full article here.

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Supporting Student Success in Online Learning

By Dov Friedman
02/28/2019 on GettingSmart

…Instructors and their institutions play a vital role in supporting student success in an online environment. Because students can feel isolated when they’re learning online, instructors must build in opportunities for students to experience a sense of community with each other and with the instructor…Read full article here.

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This underused strategy can make higher ed IT departments more efficient

By Andrew Graf
02/01/2019 on EdScoop

….Yet, when we asked whether respondents had a simple way to conduct resource capacity planning, only one in four (23 percent) said yes. This represents a huge opportunity for technology to help make campus IT departments more efficient…Read full article here.

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How Tallahassee Community College repurposed its educational technology to boost student success

By Bret Ingerman
02/06/2019 on e-Campus News

…Choosing flexible, adaptable solutions such as Workday and TDX has allowed us to do more with less—delivering exceptional service to students, faculty, and staff despite our budget constraints. Read full article here.

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A Young Entrepreneur Has Bold Take On Fixing Student Engagement

By Derek Newton
12/18/2018 on Forbes

…By building familiar, highly-functioning communication and connectivity tools with the academics, ambi is hitting on the numerous academic and programmatic studies that have linked positive student engagement, the development of learning communities and peer-to-peer connections with retention and, eventually, graduation…Read full article here.

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Do students understand academic integrity?

By: Gina Londino-Smolar
01/22/2019 on SmartBrief

…Many students I teach–from freshman to graduate students–think that academic misconduct only includes plagiarism or cheating. They don’t realize that it also includes falsification, fabrication, interference and violating course rules…Read full article here.

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5 major online-learning challenges—and how to solve them, pt. 2

By Dennis Pierce
01/23/2019 on eCampus News

…With the aid of CirQlive, instructors can schedule a video conferencing session directly from their course page in Canvas. Students can access session from their course page as well, without needing a separate invitation. And once the meeting is over, students have access to the recording via a secure link within the LMS…Read full article here. But don’t overlook part 1!

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Life Lessons on MLK Day 2019 with Michele Pitman, CEO of IntelliVOL

01/21/2019 on Blog Talk Radio: Life Lessons Network

…Keeping track of all of the good works of those students in order to know what is happening in our area and the overall impact is not easy…Read full article here.

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Community service is great. So why is it such a pain?

By Michele Pitman
01/21/2019 on Crain’s New York Business

…We can reward initiative without burdening schools or service providers. Mobile, cloud technologies allow students to find, schedule, confirm and reflect on service experiences with their smartphones. Schools and community groups can verify hours in one touch…Read full article here.

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To Boost Project Success Rate, Start at the Beginning

By Andrew Graff
01/14/2019 on GovLoop

…Effective project intake requires a clear set of criteria for evaluating proposals, a process for doing so, and tools that can help measure value. Here’s a closer look at each of these three key elements…Read full article here.

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Ambi is Reimagining the Higher Education Experience with a New Product Class and $6.5M in Funding

December 19, 2018 on EdTech Review

…It will take a bold approach to reimagine the learning environment and prepare students for the 21st century jobs. Ambi aims to be that bold, global leader with its centralized, digital learning platforms for lifelong learning from college prep to higher education….Read full article here.

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Cheating university students face FBI-style crackdown

12/14/2018 on BBC

…”How you write for economics can be vastly different from English literature – that’s OK. But if within a genre and within a reasonable amount of time we start to see differences, that’s when we flag something.”…Read full article here.

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California Community Colleges Boost Access By Closing Teleconference Gap

by Derek Newton
12/11/2018 on Forbes

…CirQLive, according to Friedman, has figured out how to be the bridge between two technologies that developed independently – the online video conference and the LMS. “It’s a lock-step approach and it works flawlessly,” he said…Read full article here.

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