Edtech Is No Longer A Funding Fave

By Joanna Glasner
08/09/2023 – Crunch Base

As U.S. school districts grapple with teacher shortages, another startup, Swing Education is scaling up a platform to […]

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Pathways to Becoming and Helping a Teacher: #143

08/09/2023 – Teacher Rockstar Podcast 

Mike Teng is the CEO and co-founder of Swing Education, a tech-enabled marketplace matching substitute teachers with schools in need. Before […]

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It’s Time To Question How We’re Addressing the Teacher Shortage — New Edtech Can Help

By Mike Teng
08/04/2023- Edtech Digest

The current teacher shortage is a great example of what can happen when entrenched models of how schools should operate are unable to […]

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Swing Education looks to change the way schools handle teacher shortages

By Andrew Mendez
07/21/2023 – Bay Area Inno

Editor’s note: As part of the Bay Area Inno Awards, the San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal […]

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Swing Education raises $38 million to mitigate teacher shortage

06/05/2023 – Impact Alpha 

Public schools are scrambling to hire teachers. Some 150,000 openings were unfilled across the US in February as teachers grapple with low pay, safety […]

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Magic Pulled in $52M, Cortex Got $35M, and More Bay Area Tech News (Swing Education Mention)

By Cassidy Ritter
06/05/2023 – Built In SF


“We’re thrilled to have Apax Partners and Reach Capital as strategic investors. The need for substitute […]

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Turnitin Adds AI Detection Capabilities to Popular Anti-Plagiarism Platform

While technology is behind […]

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K-12 Dealmaking: Substitute Teaching Startup Secures $38M; Amplify Raises Undisclosed Series C

By Michelle Caffrey
06/02/2023 –  Edweek Market Brief

Swing Education raised $38 million in a Series C round aimed at helping the company, which connects schools with […]

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San Francisco-Based Swing Education Raises $38M in Series C Funding

By Shalini Pathak
06/02/2023 – Edtech Review

Swing Education, an online staffing marketplace that connects substitute teachers with schools, announced that it has raised $38M in its Series C […]

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Swing Education Secures $38 Million in Series C Funding: A Revolutionary Solution to the Substitute Teacher Crisis

Angela Scott-Briggs
06/01/2023 – Tech Bullion

San Francisco-based Swing Education has made a groundbreaking 

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The Key to Reducing Burnout in K-12 Schools? Supporting Substitute Teachers

By Mike Teng
05/30/2023 – Rachelle Dene Poth Blog

The challenge goes beyond the stress and anxiety of trying to find someone to fill a teacher’s spot for the […]

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THRIVEinEDU by Rachelle Dené Poth Podcast: Chat with Mike Teng, Co-Founder and CEO of Swing Education @SwingEdu

05/24/2023 – THRIVEinEDU

Enjoyed my conversation with Mike Teng, Co-Founder and CEO of Swing Education. Swing Education enables schools to post their substitute job openings and substitute teachers can then pick […]

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15 Activities For Substitute Teachers

Contributed by Jacquelyn Carbo
05/04/2023 – TeachThought

Here are 15 classroom activities for substitute teachers every educator needs in their toolkit, organized by grade level. And, if you’re a […]

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Swing Education Surpasses One Million Hours of Classroom Substitute Teaching

05/08/2023 – Ace-Ed 

Substitute teachers sourced via Swing Education, a tech-enabled staffing marketplace that matches schools with qualified substitute teachers, have filled more than one million hours of […]

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6 Ways Substitute Teaching Can Boost Your Tech Career

By Mike Teng
04/04/2023 – Built In 

…In many cases, substitute teaching can be even better than gig work. Schools everywhere need help, as nearly every state of the […]

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3 important ways to rethink how your district finds substitute teachers

By Mike Teng
03/03/2023 – District Administration

…I can say with confidence, and a healthy dose of concern, that the problem isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. So, if the substitute shortage persists, […]

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