Contributed by Jacquelyn Carbo
05/04/2023 – TeachThought

Here are 15 classroom activities for substitute teachers every educator needs in their toolkit, organized by grade level. And, if you’re a long-term sub, there are also a few activities that you can revisit throughout the duration of your assignment. These activities don’t require much explanation or advanced planning yet still create an enriching learning environment for students.

Activities For Elementary School Substitute Teachers

Tell a story about a picture. 

1. Grab a photograph from a book in the classroom or project one from the internet. Ask your students to describe the picture in as much detail as possible and encourage them to hypothesize what is going on in the photo. Once you’ve discussed the picture as a class, give your students time to write or draw their own story about the picture and leave time for sharing their stories at the end of class….Read the full article for all 15 activities for substitute teachers.