By Rachelle Dene Poth
10/03/2023 – Rachelle Dene Poth Blog

Earlier this year, I learned about Swing Education, which is a centralized platform that connects substitute teachers with schools and school districts. They serve as a recruiter of substitute teachers in support of school districts. Swing Education helps schools to streamline the process of hiring, expanding their pool of substitute teachers, easing payroll and onboarding. Swing’s value for substitute teachers is that they have more jobs to choose from because Swing lists all the openings in their area. They also get paid each week (instead of each month) and becoming a sub is much faster because Swing helps with onboarding. I had the opportunity to speak with Mike Teng, Co-Founder of Swing Education and enjoyed the conversation and also gained insight into how large of a problem schools in the United States are facing….Read the rest of Rachelle’s article here on her blog.