Linguists Say These Tips Help New Languages Stick

By Derek Newton
08/23/2023 – Edtech Review 

To language teachers, linguists’ careers and day-to-day work lives may be interesting. But their thoughts on teaching […]

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Episode 214: Transforming Education: A Mission for Universal Accessibility

08/02/2023 – My Edtech Life 

Join us as we explore Ginger’s incredible journey from the classroom to the forefront of educational technology, and discover the power of merging […]

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Effective SEL instruction isn’t possible without this key element

By George Hanshaw
07/13/2023 – eCampus News

SEL is the process by which students learn the skills they need to understand and manage their emotions, set and achieve […]

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Support Neurodivergent Learners With Text-To-Speech Tools

By Amy Foxwell
06/21/2023 – Training Industry

Here are some critical points that every training professional should be thinking about when determining how to meet the needs of people […]

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The Case for Normalizing Accessibility Tools in Schools

Guest post by Paul Stisser
06/13/2023 – Rachelle Dene Poth

In schools today, about one in seven children receive special education services. But some children never receive the proper […]

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Chat with Paul Stisser, the Director of Educational Institutions and LMS Partnerships for ReadSpeaker

06/06/2023 – THRIVEinEDU

I had a great conversation with Paul Stisser, the Director of Educational Institutions and LMS Par0tnerships for ReadSpeaker. Paul has been a leader in ReadSpeaker’s […]

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Designing for Inclusive Learning: 3 Text-to-Speech Strategies to Make Accessibility More Than an Add-On

By Amy Foxwell
05/30/2023 – Ace-Ed 

Meeting the needs of learners who need accommodations takes more than tacking a plug-in onto a website or LMS. Making content truly accessible […]

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Benefits of ReadSpeaker Digital Voice and Text-to-Speech Technologies

By Brian E. Thomas
05/15/2023 – Coruzant Technologies

An industry leader for these technologies is ReadSpeaker, a global voice specialist providing dozens of languages and […]

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Matt Muldoon of ReadSpeaker: 5 Things That Should Be Done To Improve The US Educational System

By Yitzi Weiner
05/08/2023 – Authority Magazine

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ReadSpeaker Becomes Text-to-Speech Certified Integration for Moodle Workplace

05/02/2023 – Training Industry

ReadSpeaker, the most trusted, independent and worldwide digital voice and text-to-speech provider announced that it is now a Certified Integration Partner […]

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ReadSpeaker TTS Integrates with Moodle Workplace

05/02/2023 – Speech Technology

ReadSpeaker, a digital voice and text-to-speech provider, is now a certified integration partner for Moodle Workplace, a learning management system.

With this partnership, employees going […]

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Designing for Inclusive Learning: 3 Text-to-Speech Strategies to Make Accessibility More Than an Add-On

By Amy Foxwell
April/May 2023 issue of Ace-Ed Equity & Access 

Meeting the needs of learners who need accommodations takes more than tacking a plug-in onto a […]

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5 ways to design more inclusive learning experiences for students

By George Hanshaw
03/29/2023 – SmartBrief

…Instead of providing special accommodations for students, a better approach is to design more inclusive learning experiences in which all students feel empowered […]

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The Video Game Magic Being Used to Preserve Threatened Languages

By Amy Foxwell
03/20/2023 – FE News

ReadSpeaker is a technology text-to-speech company with several widely used products that make written material more […]

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Text To Speech Learning Tools

03/10/2023 – Tests and the rest podcast

When students have choices on how to access instructional material, they often engage and learn at a higher level. Anyone who runs closed captions […]

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Text-to-speech No Longer Just for Students with Disabilities

Guest Column by Amy Foxwell
01/13/2023 – EdTech Digest 

Students like to use text-to-speech technology whether they can read printed text or not. In a recent survey from the higher-education […]

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ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech tools improve learner engagement and make content accessible to everyone

01/02/2023 – The Learning Counsel

ReadSpeaker’s advancements in voice technology and the options for using voice have opened a floodgate of new ways to engage with digital content…

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The Vital, Hidden Role That Learning Management Systems Play In The Education Market

By Derek Newton
12/19/2022 – Forbes

ReadSpeaker, a leading text-to-speech learning tool, announced an integration deal with LMS Moodle […]

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The Low-Code/No-Code Movement Builds in Speech Technology

By Phillip Britt
11/16/2022 – Speech Technology Magazine

“Developing CX or conversational AI solutions used to represent extremely costly, lengthy, and human-resource-intensive projects,” adds Fredrik Larsson, chief technology officer of […]

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Why accessibility tools and apps can be a boon for all students

By Ginger Dewey
11/09/2022 – District Administration

“We find students downloading audio files of reading materials to listen to on their phones, which is a real advantage for those […]

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How Online Tests Are Becoming More Accessible

By Derek Newton
10/24/2022 – Forbes

Questionmark also recently scored a partnership with the leading text-to-speech technology company ReadSpeaker to allow test-takers […]

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3 keys to ensuring accessibility for all students

10/11/22 – eCampusNews

“For us, accessibility isn’t just bolted onto instruction; it’s part of the actual build process when we […]

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The Education Curb-Cut Effect on Audio Tools and Text-to-Speech

By Amy Foxwell
09/01/2022 – Edtech Chronicle

You may not have heard of the curb-cut effect.

That’s what happens when something designed for a unique audience – usually a type […]

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