By Phillip Britt
11/16/2022 – Speech Technology Magazine

“Developing CX or conversational AI solutions used to represent extremely costly, lengthy, and human-resource-intensive projects,” adds Fredrik Larsson, chief technology officer of text-to-speech systems provider ReadSpeaker. “Today, when companies need to be in a position to pivot quickly and cost-effectively to meet the changing needs of their customers, fortunately low-code/no-code software development is now an option, and one that is rapidly becoming adopted.”

Low-code/no-code development platforms now allow ReadSpeaker customer companies to pick and choose from pre-assembled application components, which have ReadSpeaker’s Neural TTS voices integrated within them, giving them the flexibility and ease of use they need to create mobile or web apps without having to create ad hoc lines of code, Larsson says….Click here to read the full article on Speech Technology.