By Derek Newton
05/26/2022 – Edtech Chronicle

“Using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance teaching and learning has been a kind of nirvana for education leaders for several years now – a place of perhaps unimagined power that has perpetually seemed just out of grasp.

And though it may feel as if it’s always just around the next corner, forever one tool or dataset away, one entrepreneur says we’re getting closer. In fact, he says we may be close enough to say we’ve actually arrived at the place where AI products and systems are already showing the return they’ve promised for so long – personalizing learning for students, yielding rich and actionable data, simplifying teaching practices and, best of all, improving learning outcomes.

That positive assessment comes from Ramesh Balan, the founder and CEO of Knomadix – the buzz-worthy AI education company he launched in 2015.”…Read full article on the Edtech Chronicle website here.