Bot Technology Used in Schools Can Help Retrain and Upskill Workers

By Ramesh Balan
09/15/2022 – Coruzant Technologies

Asynchronous, self-paced learning is enhanced by integrating bot technology in the exact same way that our Knomadix bots are embedded as tutors […]

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Podcast – Leveraging the Power of AI to Transform the Learning Industry with Executive Ramesh Balan | Ep 539

09/07/2022 – Coruzant Technologies Podcast


Knomadix’s Founder and CEO, Ramesh Balan, joins Coruzant Technologies for the Digital Executive podcast. He shares his active learning platform that transforms the […]

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By Monica Burns
08/17/2022 – Class Tech Tips

“If you’re new to the concept of bot-assisted online tutoring, then you’ll want to explore everything Knomadix […]

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07/28/2022 – Edcircuit 

“After all, this is how a teacher would work. If a teacher were at the student’s side – every student’s side – she would explain […]

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AI is the key to scaling personalized, one-on-one instruction

By Ramesh Balan & Dr. Ericka Johnson-Allen
07/26/2022 – eSchool News 

“K-12 school systems are facing a “perfect storm” of challenges today.

The pandemic has put students well behind […]

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The Future Is Now: Ramesh Balan Of Knomadix On How Their Technological Innovation Will Shake Up Education

An Interview With Fotis Georgiadis
07/25/2022 – […]

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AI-enabled tech is the key to delivering personalized learning

By:  and 
06/08/2022 – District Administration

“Why aren’t all schools delivering personalized learning?

For […]

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Knomadix Founder Says the Power of Education AI has Arrived

By Derek Newton
05/26/2022 – Edtech Chronicle

“Using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance teaching and learning has been a kind of nirvana for education leaders for several years now […]

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The EdTech Founder Who’s Counting On Education AI

By Derek Newton
05/25/2022 – Forbes

“Ramesh Balan is the founder of the recently trending and talked about education company Knomadix, […]

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