07/28/2022 – Edcircuit 

“After all, this is how a teacher would work. If a teacher were at the student’s side – every student’s side – she would explain every step as many times as was needed for each individual. She’d watch each student’s eyes for telltale signs of understanding or loss and if she needed to explain it again, she would. She might ask the student to work out the problem in front of her several times until she was sure the process was understood. Then when that student had it, she’d move on.

But bots can do this. Bots give teachers superpowers.

Granted, these are very specific limited actions but when applied in the core curriculum, bots can give targeted intervention to each individual student where they have made a mistake. It works right at the point of learning, without delay, fatigue or error. It’s personalized tutoring perfectly aligned with the curriculum because it is trained on the curriculum and it is 100 percent faithful to its intended purpose – to help teachers do more.”…Read full article about bots give teachers superpowers here.