By Emily Brancel and Keyona Wilson
12/13/2023 – Training Magazine

At MedCerts, our customers are students, and we have worked with thousands of them as they balance coursework with professional and family responsibilities. Time management can be complicated. Students are taking online training programs to advance their skills and move ahead in their careers, and for many, this is happening in the midst of keeping up with the rest of their busy lives. How can a virtual school provide world-class advising and support services without meeting the student face-to-face?

Our team has arrived at a good balance in solving that problem. Our team fulfills the critical role of advising students academically while also being a cheerleader who can celebrate with them on their successes. Here are some of our best practices and perspectives that can be used by advisors in any training or upskilling program….Read the 6 Tips for stronger customer service relationships in training programs here in Training Magazine.