By Al Kingsley
06/13/2022 – Inside Sources

“The shift to remote and hybrid learning catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted many challenges and inequities in our current education system. As the CEO of NetSupport, an educational technology company with solutions to help monitor and manage the use of technology, support teachers and protect students, I often consider my company and the broader industry’s responsibility to support our school partners in addressing these challenges.

One such challenge that has recently been at the forefront of my mind is digital poverty,  the inability to interact fully with the online world — when, where and how an individual needs. 

In January, I had the opportunity to speak with Paul Finnis, CEO of Learning Foundation & Digital Poverty Alliance, on NetSupport Radio. Our conversation highlighted the nuanced definition of digital poverty and how edtech companies can help to address this issue.” … Read full article about digital poverty here.