By Al Kingsley
August/September 2023 of Ace-Ed Issue of Equity & Access Magazine 

There’s a stark difference in how schools in the United States and the United Kingdom handle student safety and privacy. And while I’m not an attorney and my advice certainly cannot be construed as legal guidance, I not only run an edtech company with a significant presence in the U.S. and U.K., but I am also a school governor in the U.K. I’m one of those people who is responsible for making sure British students are protected when using school devices. The U.S. and UK have very different opinions and regulations about how this is done.

In the UK, the schools have a “duty of care” for each student, that includes being held liable for any student who harms him or herself or another person. U.S. schools, on the other hand, act in loco parentis for students during the school day.  Schools and individuals are not legally responsible for a student’s actions outside of school unless they have prior awareness of the danger….Read Al Kingsley article beginning on page 22 of Ace-Ed Equity & Access Magazine. It is also available online here.