By Al Kingsley
12/12/2023 – IT World Canada

Every employee can benefit from having a “growth mindset,” which is the ability to develop and change, to recognize failures not as setbacks but as ways to improve. Carol Dweck, one of the leading thinkers and researchers on this topic writes that the growth mindset is not an all-or-nothing situation. People have both growth and fixed mindsets. Fixed mindsets have their value and we all need them for some portions of our work and personal lives. The goal, however, is to encourage and develop the growth mindset, especially for those who may be reluctant to adapt to change. Staff who can accept change tend to be the problem solvers who can more easily adapt, which is important in every role, but especially so in IT where the rapid (and escalating) rate of change in technology is most pronounced.

Here are several thoughts about the growth mindset and ways to foster it in your organization….Read them all here in this IT World Canada article from Al Kingsley.