By Tom Williams
04/26/2022 – Times Higher Ed

Analysis of data on 3 million tests globally that used the ProctorU invigilation platform found that “confirmed breaches” of test regulations – incidents where there was clear evidence of misconduct – were recorded in 6.6 per cent of all cases.

This is 14 times higher than the 0.5 per cent misconduct rate detected in the 15 months prior to the start of the coronavirus pandemic, which triggered the widespread adoption of online assessments and, with this, a surge in the use of online proctoring services such as ProctorU.

But it also represents a steep increase on 2020, when breaches were confirmed in 3.9 per cent of tests – indicating that the problem is getting worse as students become more accustomed to online tests…Read more about the levels of cheating in online exams here.